We told you how important Wyoming's meeting with Nevada was all week. From the way the Pokes busted up the Wolf Pack in the 31-3 conference win, they seemed to know it, too. So did the fans, as social media was alive rants and raves.

Although this Saturday you'll understand if we're a little short on rants. With spectacular performances by players including Sean Chambers, Xazavian Valladay, and even some good play time for Tyler Vander Waal, we didn't expect otherwise.

We did, however, hear quite a bit about the unsportsmanlike conduct call on Rocket Ismail for high-fiving a fan after a breath-taking touchdown catch.


All photos by DJ Johnson


Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) No way

Brandt Tobler (Facebook)That was a great catch.

Jon Nichols (Facebook) A most pleasant surprise on that first play...

Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) Valaday, incredible bursts of speed, he could break it any time.

Sean Smith TVW... This might be good if Sean isn't hurt to bad. Give JVW some quality reps

Darren Thompson (Facebook) Well Tyler, you're up!

Kelly Souther (Facebook) Looking tough Pokes. Hope Chambers is okay, we need him.



Mary Hopster-Smith (Facebook) I love our D so much right now

Tom Bergstad (Facebook) That was a work of art.

Jon Nichols (Facebook) Amazing how a little success with the passing game opens up the entire offense... Most complete offensive showing this year thus far.

Tyson Kirkpatrick (Facebook) Do not slap hands!

Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen (Facebook) They got a whole bunch of swear words (over and beyond) from the student section...

Chris Shelledy (Facebook) Gotta make that catch! Great throw!!



Trenton Vonburg (Facebook) 3rd quarter about to start and we are up by 21. I still can’t help but be upset about the penalty for a high-five.

Tom Cudney (Facebook) They are a BLAST to watch!! It’s a very young team too... Can’t wait for the next few years!!

Darren Thompson (Facebook) Way to go Tyler!!

Tom Cudney (Facebook) Wooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Al Paiz (Facebook) Go Pokes! Listening in Rio Rancho, New Mexico!’ Always a Wyoming Cowboy



Dan Haley (Facebook) Let’s hear it for the big dogs up front. The offensive line is banged up but they’re still blowing open holes for Valladay and keeping Chambers and TVW protected. So impressed by the depth on this team including the O-line.

Jordan Smith (Facebook) We’ve had a lot of 3rd and long situations since TVW has been in

Aaron Wilhelm (Facebook) So the NFL can literally do planned 5 minute celebrations but Wyo cant high five a f***ing fan? That's some babybackbullsh*t

Brad Butler (Facebook) Defense is playing how the coaches want. Bend but don't break.

Adam Humphrey (Facebook) Huge win! Wasn’t expecting it to be a blow out with all the injuries on offense. Hopefully we can get healed up for Boise now.

Roger Van Alyne (Facebook) So everybody knows...Nevada is celebrating its statehood this weekend...Happy Nevada Day! Go Pokes!!

Dan Haley (Facebook) Bowl eligible before Halloween. A few yards and a few minutes short of being undefeated. Not bad.


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