ALBUQUERQUE -- Can't start a game much worse than the Cowboys did Saturday night.

Can't finish one much better, either.

After spotting the Lobos a lightning-quick 14-0 lead, Wyoming got off the mat, shutting out New Mexico over the final three quarters and rolling to a 27-14 victory inside University Stadium.

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The Cowboys (4-3, 2-1) snapped a two-game losing streak against the Mountain West's cellar-dwellers and will head into the first bye week with two conference wins under their belt.

How are you feeling after this one?

I know how you were feeling during.

Here's this week's rants and raves:


Ron Weltmer (Facebook) I swear to all that's holy, we have got to do something different in warm ups and before games. These dudes are absolutely not ready to play at kickoff

Rob Lubnau (Facebook) Yea, we pretty much stink!

Jackson N Renee Stewart (Facebook) So who’d a ever guessed when we our Swen back in that we’d try to run up the gut. Oh, Rocky would.

Murray Hill (Facebook) So..... everyone knows they don't pass a lot.... why are we not stacking the box and making them pass?

Jerry K. Walker (Facebook) Defense never got on the plane.

Thomas Anthony Rhodes (Facebook) New QB if that doesn’t work - new coach. How long til we are champions?

Nick Halstead (Facebook) Sooooo?????….. When will Wyoming start to play?

Buddy Asbury (Facebook) Just wait, Bohl is the HIGHEST paid coach in the league... I'm sure we'll pull this out. (Sarcasm)

Mark Sanchez (Facebook) Just so I can be ready, what's going to be the main excuse/reason for defending the crappy play calling and coaching at the end of tonight's game?




Jackson N Renee Stewart (Facebook) D really turned it around after first two series! Was not looking forward to saying Rocky was our Daddy.

Ron Behnke (Facebook) I have to give it to the boys tonight. They didn't look good early but hung in there and finished strong. Special shout out to Gavin Meyer and Wrook Brown. They both played very well in their first starts. Good win!

Kristin McLean (Facebook) How do you get that HUGE turnover with great field position and not get it in the end zone!

Jd Putnam (Facebook) Watching this offense is like the watching the Broncos

Tim R. Gonzales (Facebook) OL needs to be more physical up movement

Matthew Blaylock (Facebook) Wyoming + Red Zone = Dead Zone
Scott Dorris (Facebook) That game was way closer than what the score will show…way to finish

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