LARAMIE -- Welp, back to the drawing board.

Chevan Cordeiro is now 3-1 as a starting quarterback against Wyoming after throwing for 314 yards and a touchdown -- and rushing for another -- in a 33-16 victory Saturday night inside War Memorial Stadium.

The Hawaii transfer made things look way too easy as he torched the Cowboys' secondary with his right arm and feet in this one.

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Where this one was really lost for the home team was in the trenches.

Wyoming did rush for 143 yards, but 61 of those came on one carry, courtesy of signal caller Andrew Peasley. The passing game was abysmal in this one. Peasley completed just 6-of-20 throws for 85 yards. He did throw a pair of touchdown passes, one a 38-yard beauty to Wyatt Wieland and the other a 13-yard strike to tight end Parker Christensen, but a crucial interception on the second play of the third quarter turned into quick points for the visitors.

This one was not pretty.

You noticed.

Here are this week's rants and raves:



Aaron Wilhelm (Facebook) For the 1000th time in Bohls tenure. They know it's a run. Everyone knows it's a run

John Rando (Facebook) Why in the actual f*** would you take a time out when your opponent has 4th and short with no timeouts left???? Way to give them an extra shot at getting the first down and score before half... dumbest call I've ever seen in my life!!!

Jeff Pearson (Facebook) Turn out the lights! We done been whupped!

Ron Weltmer (Facebook) If the opponent runs twice as many plays as you, it usually aint good.




Bill Snively (Facebook) Now the coaching staff has given up. Time to replace the OC and QB. There is ZERO enthusiasm for anemic playcalling and/or execution from the team. The W/L record belies actual competitive ability at the Division One level

Jeff Pearson (Facebook) And now by 17! We’ve done been whupped! Turn out the lights.

Todd Ayers (Facebook) Take some shots down the field in the 2nd half. 3 running plays in a row?

Chris McAtee (Facebook) What a gong show.

Rob Schatz (Facebook) Run, Run, Pass, Punt. Run, Run, Pass, Punt. Very little surprise here.

Jim Vilos (Facebook) 4th and 1, and 2 seconds on play clock and San Jose isn't going to get the play off in time and no time outs left and Bohl calls a time out to talk to the defense and they still easily get the 1st down! NOW...that is a very poor call. 7200 feet elevation and Pokes looked like they were the team from California!! Hope they can pull this together soon!!!

Brian Feraud (Facebook) 3rd and 20, hey let’s run the ball! That was a painful game to watch. I hope that SJSU player is doing ok.

Cody Caldwell (Facebook) How do you compete with a top 20 team on the road then come and lay a egg at home

Chris McAtee (Facebook) We’re a basketball school now.

Tim R. Gonzales (Facebook) That was the best D front we've seen...they just physically beat us up front.

Shawn Persinger (Facebook) 6 wins will be a real chore...

David Romero (Facebook) Lost to a better team. QB who is accurate is invaluable.


Jackson N Renee Stewart (Facebook) Well when everyone starts talking about winning MWC rather than concentrating on the next game, things always go south.

Mike Fermelia (Facebook) pretty frustrating. I just don't understand this team...

Andy Edwards (Facebook) Little league coach chiming in here. 6-20 passing isn't very good.

Jason Ferguson (Facebook) Even in a wildly down conference the pokes won’t smell a conference title. Time to pull the plug and start over.


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