SAN MARCOS, Texas -- Wyoming fans coming with the venom this week after yet another lackluster performance in the first half of a 23-14 win over Texas State Saturday night in steamy San Marcos.



@307RicoShea (Twitter) That play calling was awful. 1,400 guys in the box and we run it. What happened to the Twin Towers?

Jeff Bugher (Facebook) ESPN sent the c squad to cover the game lol!

Shea Foster (Facebook) Vigen is so pathetic. His damn ego with that play calling. Now the momentum has shifted extremely. Why not throw deep off a great return? Back to the Tecmo Bowl playbook.

Daniel Whelchel (Facebook) We should try running it up the middle

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) Same thing happened last week. Mizzou score 14 quick and then we showed up hoping for the same this game.....

@Finnegan_Murphy (Twitter) Clearly they watched film from last week and saw that we aren’t great at defending the pass.

@rideoutb33 (Twitter) Any particular reason Vigen starts out every game like he’s never coached before??

@DahlErickson (Twitter) Is this Texas State broadcast mixing standard def with hi-def cameras in the same setup?! Lots of Pokes mistakes combined with 1995 tech

Craig Frederick (Facebook) Hoping we arrive to the stadium soon!




Trent Dlugosh (Facebook) I started my own drinking game. Every time the analyst says "absolutely" I take a drink. I'm already drunk! Which is really the only way to watch this game so far

@GravesTea (Twitter) How do they not know if a field goal went through? #ESPN+ subscribers, could you chime in?

@kdwright5407 (Twitter) Is this our letdown game? Gotta turn it around.

@j_carter307 (Twitter) That zone defense is as soft as charmin right now...

@vinyard6565 (Twitter) Vigen can't call a correct play, and our defense can't tackle. A recipe to blow anything gained from beating Mizzou.

@emilproblems (Twitter) I need Sean Chambers to only throw the ball and stop trying to run it before I leave this game

Daniel Whelchel (Facebook) Oh boy. This could get ugly. Last time we played here it did. Hope we can turn it around.

@WYOPride (Twitter) If you didn't know that was a designed qb run to the right....omg call a play a first grade couldn't diagnose!!!!

@TTSports_Andrew (Twitter)Starting to feel somewhat like the Mizzou game. This drive will tell a lot.

@DahlErickson (Twitter) Enjoy the ride for the next few years Cowboy fans. Sean Chambers is a damn gamer. #GoPokes

@aht2488 (Twitter) Let's go to option football till they recruit some receivers

@Evan307208 (Twitter) Vigen play calling definitely deserves criticism, but you have to give him a break when the receivers consistently fail to make contested catches. Hopefully halftime allows for some much needed adjustments...



Jason McMackin (Facebook) Will Wyoming ever have players who can catch the ball?..better see some ppl stepping up in the 2nd half

George Haapala (Facebook) They were just setting em up... lol

Maureen Magee King (Facebook) That was a sweet interception and return!!!!!

@Evan307208 (Twitter) If we weren't so thin at CB with Hull out I'd say we put Hall in at WR. He might have the best hands on the team!

@Katcrowley7220 (Twitter) No doubt the Rocket will catch them if they weren’t so high and hard!

Richard Martin (Facebook) It would be nice if Chambers would stop throwing as hard as he could every time

@DC_303 (Twitter) DEEEEE-Fense!!!!! @CoachDickert bringing the heat!

@WyoNationBlog (Twitter) Big drive your Wyoming here. Some points would take some pressure off the defense.



Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) Keep grinding, the clock., another TD coming..

@GravesTea (Twitter) We are fighting the ghost of bon jovi on this one #Cowboysfromhell

Richard Martin (Facebook) Anyone else think its a problem the our quarterback is our leading rusher? This is starting to become to common.

Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) Let’s do this thing! Finish it!!!

Steve Salter (Facebook) Ok another 9 minute drive and we can end it!!!!

Jeff Bugher (Facebook) Game ball goes to the defense! Huge plays!

Cody Harriger (Facebook) Our biggest problem is Sean happy feet chambers

@wy_stanley (Twitter) Very impressed with the D-Line play in the second half! Pokes are more than willing to get into a fist fight in a phone booth with anyone..on to the next

@TWhiskey1950 (Twitter) If Wyoming is ever going have a passing game this year, Tyler Vander Waal is going to have to get in the game. Chambers Achilles heal is that hes not a passing QB.

@jmswyo (Twitter) Hot damn. 2-0!


Vince Schaff (Facebook) I like the fight in this team, two weeks in a row to battle back from a deficit. That says a lot for these young men. No quit in them. They are a work in progress which is expected. Two more non-conference games and then the real season starts. There is no substitute for real games and no amount of scrimmages equal real games. Glad all the "pros" who picked us to lose were wrong.

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