LARAMIE -- This was beginning to look all-too familiar, wasn't it?

Three-and-outs. Missed assignments. Blown opportunities. Surely the Cowboys were going to find a way to give this one away, right?


Andrew Peasley completed 20-of-30 passes for 256 yards and tossed a pair of touchdowns and placekicker John Hoyland connected on four field goals, including a career-long 55-yarder to help lift Wyoming to a 40-37 double-overtime victory Saturday inside War Memorial Stadium.

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This game had a bit of everything: a strip-sack that led to a score, a blocked punt that was taken into the end zone, a missed game-winning field goal and a pair of turnovers in the final two minutes.

You rode the roller-coaster with the Pokes in this one. Here are this week's rants and raves:



Scott Baldwin (Facebook) Should've figured the good play calling wouldn't last.

Dewayne Mundell (Facebook) Back to dive dive pass punt. Wtf

Matthew Blaylock (Facebook) Our defense cannot stop anyone and in almost six quarters we have not scored an offensive TD. When we come out for the second half we should have a new QB. Something has to be done to try and spark this team.

Brieanna Franze (Facebook) Did that just happen?! Are my eyes deceiving me?! Wow!!! It can be done! Nice!

Matthew Blaylock (Facebook) An offensive TD, and a nice throw... I will give credit when it is due.

Tanner Bent (Facebook) Crazy what can happen when it’s a 2 minute drill and bohl can’t just run it up the gut every single play over and over

Marianne Scotty Cochran (Facebook) That was a perfect pass and perfect catch for a Touchdown!



Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen (Facebook) Not. A. Blowout. Success. Wakey wakey, defense...

Marianne Scotty Cochran (Facebook) Ryan Marquez did everything but serve on that block punt!

Craig Helart (Facebook) This is embarrassing. Our offense is non-existent. I’ve seen better execution in pop Warner games. We’re certainly not in this game due to the offense.

Jd Putnam (Facebook) What a damn joke. Clean house. Get some new blood in

Thomas Anthony Rhodes (Facebook) Another week closer to basketball season…

Rick Larson (Facebook) Open the damn play book up and let's see Peasley air it out. Can't hurt anything at this point

Zak Fitzcharles (Facebook) Our secondary, to quote Bart Simpson, is “Craptacular”

Marianne Scotty Cochran (Facebook) Notice that all the Coaches and Cowboy Player critics shut their pie holes during the OTs! They hate it when we win!

Guy Hale (Facebook) Way late but just saying.. I LOVE MY WYOMING COWBOYS!!!

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