TULSA, Okla., — Some Cowboys limped off Skelly Field, while others left with impressive stats, but all of them were wounded by the 24-21 loss to the Golden Hurricane that ended their precarious winning streak.

The air was plenty humid down in Oklahoma, but the heat was coming from the web, as fans took to social media to cheer for the Pokes or call for the heads of those who displeased them.

Did your rant or rave make this week’s list?



Mikey Dunn (Facebook) I just hope everyone has fun.

Scott Michelle McIlvaine (Facebook) Go Pokes from Aruba!!!!!

Mel Huskey Nice (Facebook) Nice run Chambers!

Jordan Smith (Facebook) Amazing first drive! Chambers was 3/3 with a 30 yd TD run! Go Pokes!

Todd E Sholey (Facebook) Our 1st lead in the 1st quarter!

Ryan J Geddes Man (Facebook) our defense looks good today!!!


James Pulver (Facebook)14 sacks on the season.

@Ryanm44  (Twitter) Fast start is what Wyoming needed. Pressure is on fire. The ball is on target. Consistency is next question... #WYOvsTSA

Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on! GO POKES!!!

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) Defense is [fire] today ‘Boys came to PLAY today! #EverybodyGetsASack

Emilee O'Brien (Facebook) At least Coach Bohl isn't losing his hair over this quarter... no pun intended.

Erich Schlup (Facebook) That was a PI if I ever saw one. As for commentary. Stop kissing ass, they can’t hear you. Me on the other hand, oh yeah, they can hear me.



Kendall Palm (Facebook) How many times are they gonna mention the 2nd level lol

@j_carter307 (Twitter) Love what Coach Dickert is doing with his pressure packages.  Mixing it up.  Go Pokes

@Komoval (Twitter) Wyo survived that drive. Sometimes that's all that counts

Eric Cantlin (Facebook) Yes, are we going to have a Pass Game??

Eric Cantlin Hope (Facebook) Hope this isn't the old story, We have injuries that take us out of conference!!!!

@jparadise69 (Twitter) Good to see him walking off the field.  Most people don’t recover from muggings so fast!

Marcy Renee (Facebook) We really need to pull it together here! Show the 10 Tulsa fans in the stadium what’s up.


@tttgowyo (Twitter) Wow, that was terrible “tackling”.  Ouch.  Momentum all Hurricanes.

Kresta MacKinnon (Facebook) Just curious, fair weather fans... Who scored the TD?? Enough bashing.

@307RicoShea (Twitter) Defense is gassed and the O hasn’t helped anything.  Bohl will take a knee here.  I wanna drop kick my TV



Kirk Leischner (Facebook) Time for backup running backs to step up...next man up!

@TravisStevens11 (Twitter) we can’t catch a cold. Come on Pokes!!  #gowyo

Eric Cantlin (Facebook) What the hell, they burn us on 3rd & LONG AGAIN!!!!!

 Jordan Smith (Facebook) FIGURE IT OUT SECONDARY

Kristin McLean (Facebook) At some point our offense is gonna have to do SOMETHING! 144 yards isn’t gonna cut it and we can’t keep relying on the defense game after game. Was hopeful in the 1st qtr but that quickly unraveled! So frustrating!

@Kroter24 (Twitter) I don’t know how much more I can watch. I’m trying to stay optimistic but it’s fading fast.  #GoWyo


Andrew Allen (Facebook) [Chambers] needs to learn when a fast ball isn’t needed.

Guy Hale (Facebook) We need to pull a Replacements and break out the glue.

@RlockmanRobert (Twitter) Tulsa has made adjustments, Wyoming hasn’t, pretty sad.

Ron Surratt (Facebook) Hopefully D can bail them out. If we could cover receivers could get a sack about every time.

@wy_stanley (Twitter) from my seat here in Tulsa I am pretty confident they need to get a passer into the game....

@SiouxfanMN (Twitter) Chambers is not perfectly accurate but a lot of the throws are close enough that they should be CAUGHT.  This is ridiculous.

@vinyard6565 (Twitter) Is Vigen's entire playbook on an index card?

Jordan Smith (Facebook) Glad to see the thumbs up [from Logan Harris].



Ryan Carpenter (Facebook) Tough break... Those injuries took their toll. Tough to overcome but I haven't given up. Go Pokes!

Stephen Brooke (Facebook) Time to return the gesture and start hitting kneecaps.

@Evan307208 (Twitter) Pretty hard to prepare to play solid pass D when there isn't a competent passing game to go up against during the week.

Mike Gardner (Facebook) Man yall are so negative. Cant even give chambers credit when its due

@wy_stanley (Twitter) cheering on the team Wyoming needs this kid on the team.... [Vander Waal]


@tttgowyo (Twitter) Now THAT is showing COWBOY TOUGHNESS!!!! Wow!! Love this gritty team when their backs are against the wall!! #Heart

@DC_303 (Twitter) Is #CardiacCowboys a thing? #CardiacCowboys needs to be a thing. #GoWyo #OneWyoming

@tttgowyo (Twitter) I yelled so loud the dog may never trust me again.

@AndriaCassel (Twitter) My dogs are used to it. They're like oh. Its Saturday.

Tedder Easton (Facebook) It was an awful tackle. The guy drove him into the ground

Matt Stephenson (Facebook) That's what happens when you get pile drove head 1st into the turf. Also targeted his helmet! Hhhmmmmmmm!

Vince Schaff (Facebook) I hate that we are losing so many players to injuries before conference games. I know the work these players put in and it just sucks. Farrrrggg!!!!!

Todd Murdock (Facebook) Holy Heart attack batman!

Marcy Renee (Facebook) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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