If the Cowboys basketball squad loses at home to CSU on Saturday, will that be the last nail in the coffin for Coach Allen Edwards? In Pokes football, we learned a lot more than just the names of the newest recruits when Bohl spoke with the press last week. Former nose tackle Chase Appleby joins us, talking some glory days, where he is now, and answering fan questions. We packed all this and more into this week's episode of the Roaring Repeater, the only hour-long Cowboys sports talk show on the net.

Also this week, we listened once again to our viewers, some of whom miss our old format where Cody straight up delivers the news. We added a News Wrap segment in the beginning of the show, so those of you with less time can get the run-down, while others still get the sports talk, analysis and guest segments. Tell us what you think, and we'll keep growing the Roaring Repeater to meet your needs.

And for our Patreon members, we also talked to coach Mike Leach, who just took the reins down in Mississippi. Available Thursday, Feb. 13.

Episode 16:

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