LARAMIE -- Jay Sawvel was asked after he accepted the head coaching job last December if he would change Wyoming's uniforms or even add nameplates to the back of jerseys, a practice that went by the wayside when Craig Bohl rolled into town back in the winter of 2013.

"We're not all of a sudden going to come out like space invaders or anything else," Sawvel said with a grin. "That's not going to happen ... We won't do any alternate jerseys, we are a brown-and-gold university."

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That rule apparently has already been broken just three practices into spring camp.



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Sawvel Saturday unveiled a new uniform combo in front of his team, pulling a large poster board from a bag.

"This is a little refinement to the gold jerseys that we're going to do this year," he said, referring to the threads the Cowboys have worn at home on opening day over the previous three seasons, including the last two Arizona Bowl appearances.

The photos also included brown pants. That feature hasn't been seen around these parts since the Dave Christensen days.

The oohs and aahs were immediate.

"All in favor of this look, say 'I,'" Sawvel said as hands around him raised. "... Do our part, do our job, one day at a time."

Check out the video right here:

Bohl, a self-admitted fan of tradition, wouldn't even allow players to wear the No. 1, stating "this is a team, there are no one's." Over the last decade, the Cowboys have worn brown tops and gold pants at home, white jerseys on the road.

He introduced the gold alternates before the 2021 home opener versus Montana State.

Names were a big no-no. Bohl often said his program plays for the letters on the front of the uniform, not the back.

Could we see that change coming, too?

"I have the right to change my mind on this," Sawvel prefaced, "but, right now, I will say no zero or one and no names on the jerseys."

The 53-year-old did say, however, he planned to allow a white-on-white combo at some point.

The Craig Bohl era in Laramie is officially in the rear-view mirror.



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I'm a fan of the alternate uniforms, within reason. I am also all for the classic look and the tradition Bohl was trying to preserve and promote.

Christensen obviously took uniforms to an all-new level during his tenure on the high plains. Some combos, in my opinion, were great (gold tops, brown pants, brown matte helmet, for one). Others (camouflage), not so much.

As far as these new duds go, I'm a big fan of the snow-capped mountains with Steamboat on the sleeves. Love brown pants and the state flag on the collar. Could do without the Wyoming script across the front. Bold is better.

So many fans on social media have been asking -- pleading and begging, more like it -- to have names added to the back. I have always been very much neutral when it comes to that detail.

That is until I saw this video.

Just look how excited the players are to get this news. The smiles, the raised eyebrows, the clapping. Imagine if you tossed their last name on the back? That represents not only themselves, but their family. Yes, it also helps fans recognize players much faster without having to whip out the roster.

There is also the name, imagine and likeness (NIL) aspect, one the school's athletics director Tom Burman is pushing so hard. These guys are promoting themselves. The program should promote them more, too.

These student-athletes bust their tails. I say if the captains want it, do it.

You can still very much play for the name across the front -- and back.

This video, to me, also represents the ultimate player's coach Sawvel is. While we joke about Bohl being gone and the breath of fresh air around here, there is some truth to it. These are young men. A fresh new look gets them excited and hurts exactly no one.

A video like this wouldn't have even happened over the last 10 seasons.

What are your thoughts on these new alternate threads?

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