CHEYENNE -- Thanks a lot, Oklahoma, Army and Fresno State.

Every one of us missed those three games. Kansas State pulled off the monumental upset of the Sooners, San Jose State stunned everyone again with a big road win and the Bulldogs failed to show up at home against Colorado State, giving the Rams their second straight Mountain West Conference win.

We all took the Pokes. Of course, they rolled Nevada, 31-3. We all thought San Diego State would beat UNLV in Las Vegas. They did -- thanks to the right upright. We picked LSU to knock off Auburn. That happened, too.

Emilee, DJ, Casey and I all tied for first place this week. That means I gained zero ground on DJ; however, Casey and Emilee didn't gain any ground on me.

I'll take it.

Here were last week’s results:
DJ: 9-5
Emilee: 9-5
Cody: 9-5
Casey: 9-5
Brandt: 8-6
Marques: 7-7
Kasey: 6-8

Here are the overall standings after Week 9:
DJ: 94-32
Cody: 92-34
Casey: 87-40
Emilee: 87-40
Kasey: 73-53

This week, we decided to bring another wife into the fold with the Cowboys on a bye week. That would be Mrs. Gabrielle Orr, Kasey's wife. I'm excited to see if she beats him.

Kasey is also bringing in a friend this week as our guest picker. If that looks like Nicholas Cage, well, it is. Apparently this guy looks just like him. Lucky fella.

Let's see if Kasey's two guests get the best of him this week.


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