LAS VEGAS, Nev., -- Air Force ... What happened?

Just when it looked like those Fightin' Falcons were all set to run the table, they ran into a buzz saw Saturday afternoon inside Denver's Empower Field at Mile High.

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Goodbye, perfect record.

Goodbye, nation ranking.

Goodbye, Commander-in-Chief's Trophy.

Army had different ideas, soundly hammering Troy Calhoun's squad, 23-3. Air Force turned the ball over an uncharacteristic six times. A pair of fourth-down stops essentially made it eight.

We all bet on the Falcons. For me, personally, I've never pulled for conference teams just because it will account for some extra cash and look good for the Mountain West. You've already witnessed "loyalty" at work (Looking at you, San Diego State.)

I'll gladly take that loss.

Wyoming pulled off the 24-15 victory over Colorado State in the 115th edition of the Border War. The panel saw that one coming, though I will admit, my confidence in the Cowboys was at an all-time low after what I witnessed in Boise.

The million-dollar question is: What scenario lands the Pokes in the conference title game? It's still very early, but what we do know is Boise State and Fresno State need to lose again. Also, keep an eye on San Jose State, who is currently tied with Wyoming in the league standings.

UNLV will all but bow out of the championship race with a loss to Wyoming this Friday night inside Allegiant Stadium. A victory, and the Rebels are right in the thick of things.

Bottom line: The Cowboys need to win out and we'll all see where the chips fall.


Here's this week's matchups and betting odds:

Wyoming (+6) at UNLV

2A Big Horn (9-1) vs. Torrington (8-3)

3A Star Valley (10-1) vs. Cody (10-1)

1A-6 Man Little Snake River (9-0) vs. Burlington (9-1)

1A-9 Man Wind River (10-0) vs. Big Piney (9-1)

4A Sheridan (11-0) vs. Cheyenne East (10-1)

Nevada (+16.5) at Utah State

San Diego State (+4) at Colorado State

New Mexico (+24) at Boise State

Fresno State (-1) at San Jose State

Air Force (-18.5) at Hawaii

Michigan (-4.5) at Penn State

Here are last week's results: 

Jared: 10-2
Doug: 10-2
Jen: 10-2
DJ: 8-4
Cody: 8-4
Marcus Harris: 8-4
Ryan Yarborough: 7-5
Mat: 6-6
Here are our year-to-date records:
Doug: 95-27
DJ: 92-30
Jared: 89-33
Cody: 88-34
Jen: 85-37
Mat: 82-40
Here's our best bet this week and a great big thank you to Lt Col, USAF, Casey R. Griffin (Chief, Resources and Programs Integration, Pentagon) and COL, US Army, Heath Harrower (SOCCENT HQ) for joining us this week.
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Jen Kost graphic

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This isn't a one-man job. This task called for a panel of experts. Joining 7220's Cody Tucker are Robert GagliardiJared NewlandRyan Thorburn, and Kevin McKinney.

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