LARAMIE -- What I am about to say might floor a few people out there -- I have a friend who is a Colorado State fanatic.

I know, I know.

It feels like I just stood up in front of a crowded room and spilled my guts to everyone that I'm an alcoholic. His name is Kevin Keefe, and he is our guest fan picker today. Why does he get the golden pass you ask?

Well, he's a true fan.

I have known Kevin for years. Sure, we have fun with our back-and-forth banter, but at the end of the day, we have respect for each other. He goes to every Rams home game and a ton of away games, too. He even hits up girl's hoops, volleyball and every other sport they have in Fort Collins.

That's one of the many reasons I love the guy. He's there through thick and thin. Most of his friends in green can't say the same.

It's funny how I met Kevin. He was actually the accountant of former Wyoming quarterback, Dave Cronk. I can only imagine the bets those two have had over the years. I know one of them had to do with donating to the other guys's booster club.

Wonder how much Kevin has given to Cowboy Joe Club over the years? At least seven of the last 10 seasons.

All kidding aside, happy to have Kevin join us this week. He is one of the good ones. He doesn't ski, canoe or need an orange on the edge of his beer glass. He lives for football.

Our former player this week is former UW wide receiver, Richard Peace. As a senior, he was part of "The Drive" at Hughes Stadium in 1996. That was the only time Peace and Co. beat CSU in their college careers, but, boy, was there a lot on the line that snowy day in Fort Collins.

Marques Brigham crossed the goal line that afternoon, vaulting the Cowboys into the inaugural WAC Championship game in Las Vegas. It clinched the Pacific Division and continued an undefeated season for Joe Tiller's bunch.

Wyoming finished that season 10-2 and ranked in the Top 20. To this day, it's still a tragedy that team wasn't invited to a bowl game.

Don't get me started on that.

Peace snagged 72 career passes in Laramie for 972 yards and six touchdowns. His best season came in '96. Peace, along with David Saraf and Biletnikoff Trophy winner, Marcus Harris, were the most feared unit in the country that year. Peace finished with 29 grabs for 420 yards and three scores.

Stoked to have him with us this week. By the way, check out our 10th edition of the Roaring Repeater podcast. I talk about what an influence Peace had on me when I was a kid:

Last week
Well, we all took Wyoming to beat Utah State last Saturday. You know the rest of that story.

On the flip side, we all thought Air Force would go into Fort Collins and take care of business. The Falcons did just that. It was their fifth straight victory over the Rams. We also picked San Diego State to beat Fresno State. That happened, too.

Boise State took care of lowly New Mexico, and Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Penn State took care of business.

In other words, there wasn't going to be much separation in the overall standings this week.

Here were the results:
Chris Mathis: 13-1
Casey: 12-2
Bill Garnett: 11-3
DJ: 11-3
Kasey: 10-4
Cody: 10-4
Emilee: 8-6

How about guest picker, Chris Mathis, taking us to school last week? He was a Wyoming win away from perfection. Former UW hoops great, Bill Garnett, was on the money, too.

Emilee, bless her heart, went with her hometown Michigan State Spartans to take back Paul Bunyan's Trophy. Not this year.

Here are the overall standings after Week 12:
DJ: 121-46
Cody: 120-47
Casey: 115-52
Emilee: 111-56
Kasey: 97-71

Here are this week's picks:


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