LARAMIE -- Well, I went from broke last week with my picks.

Now, I'm broke.

It would take nothing short of a miracle to catch DJ Johnson. Like a genius, I thought Utah State would show up in a big home game against Boise State and its third-string quarterback. Oops.

I figured UNLV was toast. They got off the mat and beat San Jose State. It wasn't enough to save Tony Sanchez's job, but it was enough to bury my picks.

None of us saw Arizona State knocking off Oregon. I also, for some unknown reason, thought the Hoosiers would get past Michigan in Bloomington. The Washington Huskies aren't having the best season, but losing to Colorado?

Come on.


We all took Wyoming to claim the Bronze Boot for the fourth consecutive season. Well, all of us aside from my one -- and only -- Colorado State friend, Kevin Keefe. To his credit, he is always first to sent the congrats text. I know it's painful.

Johnson had another solid week of picks. Former player, Richard Peace, tied him for first place this week. That guy is still good.

Here were the results:
Richard Peace: 10-4
DJ: 10-4
Emilee: 9-5
Casey: 9-5
Kasey: 8-6
Kevin Keefe: 7-7
Cody: 7-7

Despite being a double-digit underdog, we all have the Cowboys knocking off Air Force Saturday afternoon in Colorado Springs. Why? Well, the Cowboy seniors can do something no other unit has done in program history -- beat both CSU and Air Force in four straight seasons.

That's not the only reason.

Traditionally, Wyoming plays really well against the Falcons, home or away. The Cowboys defense is stopping the run better than they have in years. And, maybe, just maybe, the Pokes have their number?

Either way, I am not seeing a double-digit loss. Wyoming has lost all four of its game by a grand total of 15 points this season. When they fall, they don't fall hard.

Here are the overall standings after Week 13:
DJ: 131-50
Cody: 127-54
Casey: 124-57
Emilee: 120-61
Kasey: 105-77

This week we are joined by Randy Filbin. He is a high school hoops coach at my alma mater, Cheyenne Central. He is a big Cowboys fan and thinks Wyoming is not only going to win at Falcon Stadium, but roll to a 27-17 victory.

Donahue Mitch action 7

Our former player this week is the best defensive end in Wyoming history, Mitch Donahue.

When I asked him to be our guest picker this week, he replied like this: "I love to hate Air Force."

It's true.

Check out this story about Donahue playing the Falcons back in 1988. Wyoming trailed by 21 heading into the fourth quarter that day in Colorado Springs. Randy Welniak, Sean Fleming and an opportunistic Wyoming defense took care of the rest.

Cowboy Classics: ‘I hated Air Force more than CSU’

Donahue thinks the Cowboys victory will be even larger, 42-28.

Here are our picks:


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