SALINA, Kan., -- Wyoming moved to 3-0 on the season last week.

It wasn't easy -- or pretty -- but they did it. One of the coolest things that happened last Saturday in Laramie was seeing 28,800-plus fans show up to War Memorial Stadium to see the Pokes take on an FCS team.

That was the largest crowd since Wyoming hosted Oregon back in 2017. Nice work.

Speaking of excelling, our picks were on point last week. Granted, the games weren't exactly nail-biters, even on paper. Air Force pulled off the big win of the weekend, knocking off CU in their house.

BYU somehow knocked off USC. We all missed that one, except for former UW basketball great, Josh Davis.

We all bricked on the Michigan State-Arizona State game. I still don't know how that loss happened, but I'm sure glad I wasn't there to witness it. Way too many 10-7 type games at Spartan Stadium when I covered them.

Here are last week's standings:
Casey Dearcorn: 12-2
Emilee: 11-3
Cody: 11-3
Kasey: 11-3
Matt Micheli: 11-3
DJ Johnson: 10-4
Josh Davis: 10-4

Kasey Orr finished closest on the Wyoming score. He said it would be 28-17.

Here are the overall standings:
Cody: 33-9
DJ: 33-9
Emilee: 32-10
Casey: 32-10
Kasey: 28-14

Ryan Carpenter, of Cheyenne, is our guest picker this week. He is actually a good friend of mine, but was picked randomly for signing up for the weekly email letter on our website.

He's a Penn State fan, but has really taken to the Cowboys since moving here forever ago.

You should do that, too. You might get picked next.

This week, former standout defensive end, Patrick Chukwurah, joins us.

This guy is a freak of nature. You might recall that the Seattle Seahawks gave him a call and brought him out of retirement for the playoffs in 2012. He was in shape and ready to go, as usual. Chukwurah played for the Broncos from 2003-2006.

Who could forget him sacking Tom Brady and throwing up on national television?

I'll always remember him for staying the course. During his last couple of years in Laramie, the Cowboys were bad. Like, really bad. Yet week in and week out, No. 2 answered the bell. Offenses knew that they couldn't let Chukwurah beat them, yet he still did. Rarely did UW end up on the winning side of the scoreboard, but he was a gamer.

He was drafted in the fifth round of the 2001 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings.

Let's see if he's as good at picking games as he was taking down quarterbacks.



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