LARAMIE — Nevada really hurt most of last Saturday night.

Mainly me.

I was one game away from perfection. The Wolf Pack, who were the darlings of the preseason and beat Purdue earlier in the season, got absolutely smacked -- at home -- by upstart Hawaii, 54-3.

DJ Johnson, who has nipping at my heels all season long made the mistake of picking a Washington State team that blew a 32-point lead -- at home -- a week prior, falling to UCLA 67-63 in the highest-scoring game in PAC-12 history.

Believe me, I never want to pick Utah, but there was no chance they were going to lose to Wazzu, who head coach Mike Leach called "Fat, dumb and happy and entitled."

My lovely wife, Emilee O'Brien, made the critical error of picking with her heart instead of her brain. Hey, we've all done it. Guilty! She took Central Michigan over Western Michigan. She is a Chippewa grad. I don't blame her, though the odds were not in her favor.

Neither was the score:
Western Michigan 31
Central Michigan 15

Everyone had a solid week, including guest picker, Shannon Stephens. She brings up the rear at 10-4. Former Wyoming defensive tackle, Jeff Boyle, finished 12-2. He picked New Mexico and Washington State.

I think we've learned by now -- this isn't the year to take the Lobos, especially on the grid iron.

Here are last week's results:
Cody: 13-1
DJ: 12-2
Kasey: 12-2
Jeff Boyle: 12-2
Casey: 11-3
Emilee: 11-3
Shannon Stephens: 10-4

Here are the season standings:
Cody: 55-15
DJ: 54-16
Casey: 51-19
Emilee: 49-21
Kasey: 47-23

This week we are joined by a huge Wyoming fan who currently resides in beautiful Oklahoma City, Okla. You think she was happy to see the Pokes play in Tulsa? Daphne Lukens-Reed sure was.

Daphne has been an avid follower of (thank you) and also likes to share her thoughts on stories, videos and graphics. She is die-hard.

Our former player picker is a guy I ran into in Tulsa, Lucas Wacha.

The Cowboys linebacker recorded 344 career tackles, which was good enough for eighth all-time when he graduated after the 2016 season. A guy named Logan Wilson passed him earlier this season.

Wacha, a Texas native, got an invite to camp with the Dallas Cowboys out of school and played in the Canadian Football League. He now coaches at his former high school in Texarkana.

Wyoming is on a bye this week, but that doesn't mean we don't give our "expert opinions."

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