SAN DIEGO -- Last week's picks were a little rough. The competition on the field is getting better and better with conference season underway.

No more cupcakes. Well, for the most part.

Somehow, again, I picked the most winners last weekend. Someone tied me, too. I'll get to that in a minute.

Week 6 Wrap-up

Northwestern really let me down in Lincoln, both from a picks standpoint and, well, because I really enjoy watching the Huskers lose. Florida really took it to Auburn. Our guest picker, Daphne Lukens-Reed, was the only one to take the Gators. She was also tied for the top spot with me last week with a 9-5 record.

Nice work, Daphne!

I thought Navy would knock off the Falcons at home, though that was a really good back-and-forth game.

We all picked Oklahoma State. No idea why. We all know how the Big XII hates playing defense, especially on the road, and Lubbock is a tough place to play.

Emilee was the only one to take Arizona on the road in Boulder. That will teach me to ever bet on the Buffs. She's a keeper and learning fast.

Former Wyoming linebacker, Lucas Wacha, joined in on the fun. He went 7-7 overall. He took Iowa to beat Michigan and also thought Auburn would win in The Swamp. That sunk No. 45, unfortunately.

Here are last week's standings:
Cody: 9-5
Daphne: 9-5
Emilee: 8-6
Casey: 8-6
DJ: 8-6
Lucas: 7-7
Kasey: 6-8

I only gained a little ground on that pesky DJ. That dude is always in the mix.

Here are the updated season standings:
Cody: 64-20
DJ: 62-22
Casey: 59-25
Emilee: 57-27
Kasey: 53-31

Week 7 Picks

This week, we have a pair of special guests joining us.

Tiffani Vander Waal, of Elk Grove, Calif., is getting in on the fun. Recognize that last name? Yes, she is Tyler's mother. She is in sunny San Diego and a great Cowboys fan. Happy to have her in the mix.

Our other picker is a California native, too. He is from Tracy, nearly eight hours north of SDCCU Stadium where the Pokes will take on the Aztecs Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. (MST).

I can't even deny it, this guy was one of my favorite Cowboys growing up. He was a competitor, leading one of the greatest college football offenses of all time. He is former Wyoming quarterback, Josh Wallwork.

In just two seasons in Laramie, Wallwork put up video game numbers with the assistance of guys like Marcus Harris, David Saraf, Richard Peace and many others. How crazy were Wallwork's stats under the late, great Joe Tiller? Try 6,453 passing yards and 54 touchdowns. Yeah, that good.

It's fitting that Wallwork is our former player this week. In 1996, the Cowboys waltzed into San Diego with a perfect 9-0 record. They left with a 28-24 loss.

But here is a little of what Wallwork could do:

Wallwork GIF downsized large

The following week, the Pokes went into snowy Hughes Stadium with a trip to the WAC Championship game on the line. A hobbled Wallwork drove his team 96 yards late in the fourth to knock off the Rams, 25-24. Wyoming would eventually fall to No. 6 BYU in Las Vegas and get shut out of the bowl picture.

You think Wallwork wants the Pokes to lay one on the Aztecs this Saturday?

Here are this week's picks:

Wyoming Cowboys San Diego State Aztecs football picks

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