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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., -- A total of nine Cowboys were in action on Saturday as they competed at the Colorado Mesa Open in Grand Junction, Colorado. All nine grapplers competed unattached and seven Pokes finished the day as place winners.

After winning the Mines Rookie Open at 165 pounds last weekend, Cooper Voorhees followed it up by winning the 157-pound title at the CMU Open. Voorhees got started fast picking up a pin in just 36 second in his first bout. From there Voorhees would outscore his next three opponents 30-8 on his way to winning the title. Voorhees is now 8-0 on the season.

True Freshman Bryce Dauphin also had a strong day in the 157-pound bracket, bouncing back from a semi-final loss to finish third on the day with a 4-1 record.

True Freshman Aiden Noonan was the only other Cowboy to make the finals, competing at 141 pounds. Noonan picked up a pin in the quarterfinals before defeating Wayland Baptist’s Moses Torres 10-0 in the semifinals. Noonan would come up short in the finals against Martin Wilkie (MSUN) finishing the day with silver.

Hayden Lieb and Kevin Anderson both put together strong showings at 165 pounds. Both wrestlers bounced back from quarterfinal losses by winning three straight matches to set up a third-place bout against each other. Lieb edged out Anderson,8-4 in the Cowboy vs Cowboy matchup.

The Cowboys season will officially start on Nov. 27 as the Pokes will host the Cowboy Open in Laramie, Wyoming.

Cowboy Results  


141 –Aiden Noonan – 2nd 

Noonan (UNAT-WYO) dec. Stephen Lundquist-Brewer (SIERRA) 11-4

Noonan (UNAT-WYO) fall (3:42) Isaac Garcia (NMHL)

Noonan (UNAT-WYO) major dec. Moses Torres (WAYBP) 10-0

Martin Wilkie (MSUN) dec. Noonan (UNAT-WYO) 9-2

149 – Branden Pagurayan  

Pagurayan (UNAT-WYO) tech. fall Caleb Doemico (WSCO) 16-1

Robert Woodcock (AF) dec. Pagurayan (UNAT-WYO) 4-3

Pagurayan (UNAT-WYO) dec. Luke Hauser (WSCO) 10-3

Pagurayan (UNAT-WYO) dec. Evan Kilgore (NMHL) 3-1

Colton Woods (AF) dec. Pagurayan (UNAT-WYO) 6-3

149 Analu Benabise – 6th 

Benabise (UNAT-WYO) dec. Evan Kilgore (NMHL) 6-5

Benabise (UNAT-WYO) dec. Kaden Hine (CMU) 10-4

Benabise (UNAT-WYO) dec. Alec Viduya (AF) 6-4

Nick Gallegos (CMU) fall (6:54) Benabise (UNAT-WYO)

Colton Woods (AF) major dec. Benabise (UNAT-WYO) 8-0

Robert Woodcock (AF) dec. Benabise (UNAT-WYO) 5-4

149 –Warren Carr  

Rudy Lopez (UNC) dec. Carr (UNAT-WYO) 5-3

Carr major dec. Nick Immel )WAYBP) 12-1

Carr fall (4:13) Antonio Davis-Yuke (SIERRA)

Carr (UNAT-WYO) dec. Josh Miller (AF) 8-4

Colton Woods (AF) dec. Carr (UNAT-WYO) 3-1 (SV-1)

157 - Cooper Voorhees – 1st 

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) fall (0:36) Andrew Ruatti (CSU)

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) dec. Marcos Magana (CMU) 11-4

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) major dec. Ryan Wilson (WSCO) 14-2

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) dec. Ryan Wheeler (CMU) 5-2

157 – Bryce Dauphin – 3rd 

Dauphin (UNAT-WYO) major dec. Antonio Guerrero (NMHL) 15-1

Dauphin (UNAT-WYO) dec. Kolten Strait (CMU) 3-1

Ryan Wheeler (CMU) dec.  Dauphin (UNAT-WYO) 5-2

Dauphin (UNAT-WYO) dec. Jaziah Whaley Jr. (UNC) 6-4 (SV-1)

Dauphin (UNAT-WYO) dec. Walker Heckendorf (WSCO) 10-4

165 – Hayden Lieb – 3rd 

Lieb (UNAT-WYO) dec. James Parana (WSCO) 8-1

Alexander Holguin (CMU) dec. Lieb (UNAT-WYO) 6-4 (SV-1)

Lieb (UNAT-WYO) major dec. Seth Dixon (WAYBP) 15-3

Lieb (UNAT-WYO) dec. Ty Ryan (AF) 13-0

Lieb (UNAT-WYO) dec. Augustus Dalton (CMU) 14-12

Lieb (UNAT-WYO) dec. Kevin Anderson (UNAT-WYO) 8-4

165 - Kevin Anderson – 4th 

Anderson (UNAT-WYO) fall (2:21) Hunter Medina (NMHL)

Braeson Lewis (CMU) dec. Anderson (UNAT-WYO) 4-1

Anderson (UNAT-WYO) dec. Devin Crawford (MSUN) 3-1

Anderson (UNAT-WYO) fall (2:46) Tanner Tsinigine (CMU)

Anderson (UNAT-WYO) fall (2:51) Nicolas Guynn (DST)

Hayden Lieb (UNAT-WYO) dec. Anderson (UNAT-WYO) 8-4

184 – Colby Huynh – 6th 

Huynh (UNAT-WYO) dec. Pratt Williams (WSCO) 13-5

Huynh (UNAT-WYO) fall (2:09) Hayden Shields (CSU)

Huynh (UNAT-WYO) dec. Ben Robuck (CMU) 6-3

David Willoughby (UNAT) major dec. Huynh (UNAT-WYO) 11-1

Jason Bynarowicz (CMU) dec. Huynh (UNAT-WYO) 3-0

Ben Robuck (CMU) dec.Huynh (UNAT-WYO) 3-1 (SV-1)

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