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LARAMIE -- The University of Wyoming wrestling team wrapped up its 2023-24 regular season Sunday. The Pokes hosted the Cowboy Shootout inside the Arena-Auditorium.

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A total of 21 Wyoming student-athletes competed Sunday. Six of the 21 were starters gaining either extra reps, working out a couple kinks in their approach or simply needing matches to help when it comes to seeding the Big 12 Championship brackets.

Whatever the case may be, the starters that participated in the Shootout did so impressively. The collection of a half dozen went a combined 14-0 with two pins, two technical falls and six major decisions.

No. 30 Cole Brooks (141) headlined that group with a pair of wins – one major decision and one technical fall – that moved him to 13-5 on the year. Sloan Swan (157) also logged a couple wins – one major decision and one pin – to vault his record to 13-6.

Ethan Ducca (184) boasted a 2-0 day, a major decision and a technical fall, moving his record to 7-3. Kevin Zimmer (HWT) registered a pair of wins to improve his record to 10-8.

Cooper Voorhees (165) continued his late-season push with a 3-0 day that included a pin and a major decision. That makes him 13-14 on the year, while Quayin Short also went 3-for-3 in wins Sunday, one of which was a major decision, to move to 11-13 this season.

The remaining 15 Cowboys that competed went a collective 17-26. Paolo Salminen (157) was the lone one to have an unbeaten day at 2-0.

Wyoming now turns its attention to championship season. The Big 12 Championship takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from March 9-10 inside the BOK Center, while the NCAA Championships are in Kansas City, Missouri, from March 21-23 inside the T-Mobile Center.

141 | No. 30 Cole Brooks (2-0)

First Match: No. 30 Brooks major dec. Kobe Nelms (Utah Valley), 11-1

Second Match: No. 30 Brooks tech. fall Daniel Miranda (Arizona State), 15-0

157 | Sloan Swan (2-0)

First Match: Swan fall Tyler Jones (Utah Valley), 1:42

Second Match: Swan major dec. Roman Cruz (Northern Colorado), 12-1

165 | Cooper Voorhees (3-0)

First Match: Voorhees dec. Trevor Frank (Utah Valley), 4-2

Second Match: Voorhees major dec. Kayd Craig (Utah Valley), 18-5

Third Match: Voorhees fall Ivan Morris (Northern Colorado), 3:47

174 | Quayin Short (3-0)

First Match: Short major dec. Merrell Morley (Utah Valley), 14-2

Second Match: Short dec. Bryce Garcia (Northern Colorado), 5-0

Third Match: Short major dec. TJ McDonnell (Oregon State), 9-1

184 | Ethan Ducca (2-0)

First Match: Ducca major dec. Radi Stafford (Utah Valley), 14-4

Second Match: Ducca tech. fall Hunter Morse (Utah Valley), 22-5

HWT | Kevin Zimmer (2-0)

First Match: Zimmer dec. Jack Forbes (Utah Valley), 8-5

Second Match: Zimmer medical forfeit Tyler Perry (Northern Colorado), 5:00

125 | Dylan Catlin (0-1)

First Match: Jacob Carson (Utah Valley) fall Catlin, :42

133 | Jack Braman (1-3)

First Match: Josh Kyle (Wyoming) dec. Braman, 7-4

Second Match: David Saenz (Wyoming) major dec. Braman, 17-8

Third Match: Braman fall Hayden Brady (Northern Colorado), 2:26

Fourth Match: Logan Graf (South Dakota State) major dec. Braman, 17-6

133 | David Saenz (3-1)

First Match: Logan Graf (South Dakota State) major dec. Saenz, 18-6

Second Match: Saenz major dec. Jack Braman (Wyoming), 17-8

Third Match: Saenz dec. Josh Kyle (Wyoming), 12-8

Fourth Match: Saenz fall Hayden Brady (Northern Colorado), 2:36

133 | Josh Kyle (2-2)

First Match: Kyle dec. Jack Braman (Wyoming), 7-4

Second Match: David Saenz (Wyoming) dec. Kyle, 12-8

Third Match: Kyle tech. fall Hayden Brady (Northern Colorado), 18-2

Fourth Match: Logan Graf (South Dakota State) major dec. Kyle, 15-7

141 | Stockton O’Brien (2-2)

First Match: Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State) dec. O’Brien, 5-0

Second Match: O’Brien dec. Kobe Nelms (Utah Valley), 6-2

Third Match: O’Brien dec. Brandon Meredith (South Dakota State), 6-3

Fourth Match: Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) tech. fall O’Brien, 18-1

141| Brayden Sonnentag (0-3)

First Match: Dyson Kunz (Northern Colorado) dec. Sonnentag, 10-5

Second Match: Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) tech. fall Sonnentag, 17-1

Third Match: Haiden Drury (Utah Valley) tech. fall Sonnentag, 18-2

149 | Aidan Noonan (2-1)

First Match: Max Petersen (North Dakota State) dec. Noonan, 10-3

Second Match: Noonan dec. Brady Hankin (Northern Colorado), 10-7

Third Match: Noonan fall Q’veli Quintanilla (Utah Valley), 1:04

149 | Warren Carr (0-1)

First Match: Mykey Ramos (Arizona State) dec. Carr, 4-2

157 | Paolo Salminen (2-0)

First Match: Salminen dec. Roman Cruz (Northern Colorado), 4-1

Second Match: Salminen fall Tyler Jones (Utah Valley), 2:17

165 | Seamus Casey (1-3)

First Match: Brett McIntosh (Wyoming) sudden victory Casey, 4-1

Second Match: Mason Reiniche (Oregon State) sudden victory Casey, 4-1

Third Match: Casey fall Mason Reiniche (Oregon State), 7:00

Fourth Match: Trevor Frank (Utah Valley) dec. Casey, 5-0

165 | Brett McIntosh (1-1)

First Match: McIntosh sudden victory Seamus Casey (Wyoming), 4-1

Second Match: Mason Reiniche (Oregon State) fall McIntosh, 3:54

197 | Tyce Raddon (0-1)

First Match: Kael Bennie (Utah Valley) dec. Raddon, 3-0

HWT | Bradley Moore (1-2)

First Match: Moore tech. fall Lane Catlin (Wyoming), 17-2

Second Match: Jack Forbes (Utah Valley) major dec. Moore, 14-3

Third Match: Winston McBride (Wyoming) fall Moore, 1:29

HWT | Winston McBride (1-2)

First Match: Jack Forbes (Utah Valley) tech. fall McBride, 18-2

Second Match: Tyler Perry (Northern Colorado) major dec. McBride, 12-2

Third Match: McBride fall Bradley Moore (Wyoming), 1:29

HWT | Lane Catlin (1-3)

First Match: Tyler Perry (Northern Colorado) dec. Catlin, 9-6

Second Match: Bradley Moore (Wyoming) tech. fall Catlin, 17-2

Third Match: Catlin dec. Winston McBride (Wyoming), 2-1

Fourth Match: Jack Forbes (Utah Valley) tech. fall Catlin, 20-3

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