LARAMIE -- It has been a whirlwind few months post-graduation for former Cowgirl basketball student-athlete Dagny Davidsdottir.

The Hveragerdi, Iceland native, who averaged nine points and grabbed 5.4 rebounds per game in her lone season at UW, got both a new job and signed her first pro contract.

In July, Davidsdottir began her job with Ernst & Young as a consultant on their strategies and transactions team.

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“It’s basically exactly what I was studying for at Wyoming, which is pretty crazy,” said Davidsdottir. “It’s been really great so far. There’s a great atmosphere here and I’ve really enjoyed my coworkers so far. It’s been fun to work there so far, I felt like even after the first day already, that I had gained a whole new friend group.”

Davidsdottir graduated with a trio of degrees, including two Master’s degrees, during her five years at Niagara and Wyoming. She credits her work ethic for graduating with multiple degrees and maintaining great grades throughout her collegiate career.

When asked if she was a genius or not for graduating that quickly, with so much accomplished, Davidsdottir just laughed and said: “I will say that I work hard. I don’t think that I’m necessarily smarter than anyone, but I do think that I work hard.

“Part of the reason I decided not to come back to Wyoming for another year were my degrees. I didn’t need to work toward another one. You know, we had just won a championship, I thought to myself ‘this may be a sign.’ I mean, I would have loved to come back, I honestly loved Wyoming so much that I can’t even put it into words. That was by far the best year that I had in America, it was amazing. Despite Covid-19 and everything, basketball was just so great… you can’t beat that.”

When it came to deciding to play basketball again, Davidsdottir found the right situation in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik.

“I had quite a few agents reach out to me to play oversees, but I figured at my age and with my education that I’ve gotten, I wanted to be able to use that and get out there and start working,” continued Davidsdottir. “But I was able to end up signing with a team here in Iceland, which works out really well, despite the busy schedule because both my team and my job are here in Reykjavik. So I come into the city for work and then I go to practice, so it works out well.”

Davidsdottir ended up signing with Fjölnir, a member of the top league in Iceland (Champions League). They begin their 28-game season Oct. 6.

In addition to signing with Fjölnir, Davidsdottir was selected to try out for the Icelandic National Team as well, and will be practicing with them in August to try and make the cut.

“I’m in the 20-player pool to tryout right now, so I haven’t made the team yet. After a while they cut it down to 12 players who make the national team,” said Davidsdottir. “I’m really stoked to be able to participate in that this year and hopefully make the team. We’ll have to see what happens, I’m crossing my fingers.”

Ever since returning to Iceland post-NCAA Tournament in March, Davidsdottir, who started in all 24 games last season for the Cowgirls, knows how crazy her life has progressed post-graduation.

“College has flown by and all-of-a-sudden I’m supposed to be an adult and it’s this crazy thing,” said Davidsdottir. “I get this job and my mom told me to send her the link to the company and she goes ‘oh, this is like real, this is a real position that you got hired for.'

"I show up for my job and they give me a laptop and they told me they could provide me with a phone and I’m like, ‘what?! Only grownups get these types of perks, why are you offering them to me?’ So I feel like an adult now, it’s insane.”

While wrapping things up, Davidsdottir concluded her thoughts on how the last few months have gone for her since helping lead the Brown & Gold to their first-ever Mountain West Tournament title.

“It’s almost too good to be true,” said Davidsdottir. “My stay in America was awesome, then I got to come home and then I found a job, I signed with a team, I feel like something is bound to go wrong here, but I’m loving it and just enjoying it.”

* University of Wyoming press release

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