LARAMIE -- Craig Bohl doesn't seem overly concerned about five of his players opting out of the 2020 season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

You shouldn't be either.


You've been in this position before. Just last fall, in fact.

Raise your hand if you said any of the following phrases:

  • Who the hell is Cole Godbout? Mario Mora? Esaias Gandy? Azizi Hearn?

  • There's no way this Alijah Halliburton guy will be half as good as Andrew Wingard or Marcus Epps. He's a special teamer.

  • Keyon Blankenbaker, whoever that is, is playing the nickel? He only weighs 170 pounds.

  • Ravontae Holt is out for the year? Wonderful.

  • Thank God for Logan Wilson, Cassh Maluia, Tyler Hall and Antonio Hull. But they can't do it alone.

  • We're screwed.

How did that work out for you? And, yes, my hand was raised.

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