CHEYENNE -- "They call me dirty" is not only the title of Conrad Dobler's first book, it's a way of life.

It's his moniker. It's what he is known for.

He was once pro football's "dirtiest player." He bit guys. He kicked them. He choked and punched. And when the dust settled, Dobler was a three-time Pro Bowler and a 10-year NFL veteran. And it all started at the University of Wyoming.

This beauty from's cartoonist, Chad Blakely, illustrates the two sides of Dobler.

Dobler was a clean-cut, All-American kid when he showed up in Laramie in 1969. He was tough, athletic and agile, but even he didn't have any illusions about playing in the NFL.

Then, he got the call.

He wasn't drafted to Vietnam or the St. Louis baseball club, but the St. Louis Cardinals football team, where he would suit up with a legendary offensive line, which featured Dan Dierdorf, Bob Young, Tom Banks, and others. Dobler was unconventional in his technique an his personality. He wasn't there to make friends. He fought everyone -- including his own teammates.

He did anything to stay in the show.

Dobler came to Wyoming because of the team's three consecutive WAC titles and the 1968 trip to the Sugar Bowl. Unfortunately, the Black 14 incident ended the Cowboys dynasty and a chance for Dobler to reach new heights in Laramie.

He doesn't regret his decision to come to Wyoming. He made the best of a tough situation, he said. He gained lifelong friends, an appreciation for the work it takes and a home away from home.

Dobler is forever a Wyoming Cowboy legend.

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