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RENO, Nev., -- The Wyoming Cowboy wrestling squad put together a strong performance on Sunday at the Reno Tournament of Champions inside of the Reno Events Center coming away with a runner-up team finish for the second year in a row. The Pokes were led by two champions in No. 11 Jacob Wright (157) and No. 14 Hayden Hastings (174).

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“It was a huge step in the right direction today for us. We saw lots of improvement and we also saw guys using the things we had worked on this week in the room,” UW head wrestling coach Mark Branch Said, “It was a really fun day to coach but we still have lots of things to improve on. It was also great to have Jacob back in the lineup, he had a great day and brought a spark for us today."

In his first competition of the season, Wright didn’t miss a beat rolling through his early matches picking up three straight bonus point wins to start his day. In the semifinals, Wright would be tested against Derek Gilcher of Indiana. In a very close match, Wright showed his grit and shut down Gilcher for a 2-1 win to punch his ticket to the finals.

In the finals Wright went up against Charlie Darracott of Stanford in another gutsy match. Wright controlled the match holding off Darracott late for the 4-2 win repeating as the Reno TOC Champion after winning the title in 2021 as well. With his performance Wright opens his season 6-0.

At 174 pounds, Hastings left no doubt in paving his way to the finals outscoring his first four opponents on the day 42-1 including a semifinal 3-0 shutout victory over Ceasar Garza (MSU).

The finals would be a different story however as Hastings went up against Isaiah Luellen (GRVW) finding himself in 2-6 hole halfway through the match. Hastings started his comeback with two escapes to bring the score to 4-6. Then, with less than 30 seconds to go Hastings scored a takedown to tie the match and send it to overtime. With momentum in his favor, Hastings wasted no time in the OT period getting to his offense right away and securing another takedown for the 8-6 victory.

With the win Hastings also repeats as Reno TOC Champion and moves to 7-2 on the season.

At 184 pounds, Quayin Short had a breakout day competing in his first tournament in the Brown and Gold. Short made and impressive run to the finals highlighted by a semifinal upset win over No. 10 ranked Layne Malczewski of Michigan State. After being put to his back early against Malczewski, Short flipped the script reversing the position and securing the pin for the first ranked win of his career.

Short finished the day with a 4-1 record and a second-place finish.

Cole Moody also finished as runner-up competing at 165 pounds he went 4-1 on the day helping the Pokes in the team standings with three bonus point victories. All three of Moody’s bonus point wins on the day were tech. falls.

In total Wyoming had 11 place-winners on the day earning a second-place team finish amongst the 42-team field. The Pokes scored 155 points finishing just six points behind team champions Michigan State. Indiana finished third in the team standings with 134.5 points.

Up next for the Pokes will be a new tournament as they head to Coralville, Iowa to compete in the Inaugural Soldier Salute tournament Dec. 29-30. The field in Coralville will include Big 10 and National powerhouse Iowa.


125 –Garrett Ricks  

Ricks (WYO) dec. Wyatt Richter (STAN) 10-4

Ricks (WYO) dec. Yusief Lillie (UVU) 3-0

Ricks (WYO) major dec. Dominic De’Altonaga

Trevor Mastorgiovanni (OKST) dec. Ricks (WYO) 8-1

Paul Masczrenas (UNAT) dec. Ricks (WYO) 7-2


125 –   Jore Volk – 3rd place 

Volk (WYO) tech. fall Ariel Vega (STAM) 18-0

Volk (WYO) tech. fall Suhas Chundi (STAN) 18-3

Volk (WYO) dec. Zack Blankenship (OKST) 6-1

No. 32 Tristan Lujan (MSU) dec. Volk (WYO) 5-4

Volk (WYO) inj. Default Benny Gomez (MSU)


133 –Aidan Noonan 

Noonan (WYO) fall (4:37) Tanner Ulrey (UNAT)

 Noonan (WYO) dec. Yoshiya Funakoshi (CBU) 8-1

Reece Witcraft major dec. Noonan (WYO) 12-0

Damion Elliott dec. Noonan (WYO) 9-2

133 – Josh Kyle 

Carson Taylor fall (2:02) Kyle (WYO)

Kyle (WYO) fall (1:49) Zach Mauras (EORU)

Kyle (WYO) fall (2:51) No.5 Rayvon Foley (MSU)

Antonio Saldate (CBU) fall (1:32) Kyle (WYO)


141 – Darren Green – 5th 

Green (WYO) dec. Aundre Beatty (MARIAN) 9-6

Green (WYO) dec. Joseph Mecham (WWY) 8-2

Shea Ruffridge (GRVW) dec. Green (WYO) 5-3

Green (WYO) dec. James Emmer (UVU) 7-1

Green (WYO) major dec. Nathan Aguilar (UNAT)

Green (WYO) dec. Nash Singleton (UNAT) 5-1


149 –Chase Zollmann – 3rd 

Zollmann (WYO) dec. Jonah Chew (EMBR) 4-1

Zollmann (WYO) major dec. Eddie Homrock (MSU) 10-0

Zollmann (WYO) dec. Nico Bolivar (IND) 7-1

Jack Latimer (GRVW)  dec. Zollmann (WYO) 4-2

Zollmann (WYO) dec. Victor Jacinto (CLACK) 3-2


157 – No. 11 Jacob Wright – 1st 

Wright (WYO) fall (2:52) Tony Williams

Wright (WYO) fall (1:34) Vincent Carter (EORU)

Wright (WYO) tech. fall Dylan Straley (SORU) 17-1

Wright (WYO) dec. Sonny Santiago (UNAT) 6-4

Wright (WYO) dec. Charlie Derek Gilcher (IND) 2-1

Wright (WYO) dec. Charlie Darracott (STAN) 4-2


157 –Cooper Voorhees – UNAT 

Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) fall (4:32) Mason Alley (IND)

Israel Casarez (GRVW) major dec. Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) 12-4

Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) tech. fall Travis Thorpe (SORU) 18-3

Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) major dec. Dylan Straley (SORU) 14-3

Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) dec. Murphy Menke (UNAT) 5-2


165 –Cole Moody – 2nd 

Moody (WYO) tech. fall Cole Zoller (UNAT) 15-0

Moody (WYO) tech. fall Jordan Fulks (MARIAN) 15-0

Moody (WYO) dec. Chance Mclane (OKST) 6-4

Moody (WYO) tech. fall Marty Margolis (GRVW) 18-1

Caleb Fish (MSU) fall (2:37) Moody (WYO)


174 – No.14 Hayden Hastings – 1st 

Hastings (WYO) major dec. Lucas Daly (MSU) 14-0

Hastings (WYO) major dec. Kekana Fouret (UNAT) 9-1

Hatsings (WYO) tech. fall Keegan Mulhill (EORU) 16-0

Hastings (WYO) dec. Ceasar Garza (MSU) 3-0

Hastings (WYO) dec. Isaiah Luellen (GRVW) 8-6 (SV-1)


174 – Brett McIntosh 

McIntosh (WYO) dec. Caleb Uhlenhopp (UVU) 3-1

Isaiah Luellen (GRVW) dec. McIntosh (WYO) 4-2

John Knight (UNAT) dec. McIntoch (WYO) 5-3


184 –Quayin Short  

Short (WYO) fall (2:03) Kabb Christensen (SORU)

Short (WYO) major dec. Donivan Giangregori (UNAT) 14-2

Short (WYO) dec. Ben Lee (GRVW) 4-2

Short (WYO) fall (2:03) No. 10 Layne Malczewski (MSU)

Gavin Stike (OKST) dec. Short (WYO) 4-0


184 – Guillermo Escobedo 

Escobedo (WYO) major dec. Fabian Miranda-Walls (SORU) 10-2

Escobedo (WYO) major dec. Khristian Dove (SORU) 12-2

Peter Acciardi (CBU) dec. Escobedo (WYO) 2-2 (SV-2)

Escobedo (184) dec. Darion Johnson (WWY) 2-0

Jack Darrish (STAN) dec. Escobedo (WYO) 4-0


197 – Tyce Raddon – 6th 

Nick Willham (IND) dec. Raddon (WYO) 8-2

Raddon (WYO) fall (1:14) Ben Hughes (SORU)

Raddon (WYO) dec. Robert Plympton (UNAT) 7-4

Raddon (WYO) dec. Marc Retano (UNAT) 5-3

Raddon (WYO) dec. Carl Hansen (MNU) 5-2

Stephen Little (UNAT) dec. Raddon (WYO) 6-2


197 – Colby Huyhn  

Marco Retano (EORU) fall (1:30) Huynh (WYO)

Tyson Stover (COR) dec. Huynh (WYO) 5-3


285 –Terren Swartz – 3rd 

Swartz (WYO) fall (0:29) Wilson Ramirez (UNAT)

Swartz (WYO) dec. Braden Pease (CLACK) 7-0

Swartz (WYO) dec. Tommy Mommer (GRVW) 9-2

Jacob Bullock (IND) dec. Swartz (WYO) 6-2

Swartz (WYO) med. Forfeit Zimmer (WYO)


285 – Mason Ding – 6th 

Ding (WYO) major dec. Callum Bisping (UNAT) 14-1

Ding (WYO) dec. Nico Rodriguez (UVU) 4-0

Ryan Vasbinder (MSU) fall (3:58) Ding (WYO)

Ding (WYO) dec. Peter Ming (STAN) 8-4

Ding (WYO) major dec. Paul Sharp (UNAT) 13-3

Josh Terrill (MSU) dec. Ding (WYO) 4-0


285 – Kevin Zimmer – 4th 

Zimmer (WYO) dec . Charley Hastriter (UNAT) 8-4

Zimmer (WYO) fall (3:31) Greg Hagan (GRVW)

Zimmer (WYO) fall (1:52) Mike Ruiz (VAN)

Ryan Vasbinder (MSU) dec. Zimmer (WYO) 1-0

Swartz (WYO) med. Forfeit Zimmer (WYO)

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