LARAMIE -- If you're "Yelp-dumb" like I am, you probably didn't have a clue a college football stadiums were being reviewed.

No, it's not just a website for restaurants, home repair, hair salons and, yes, even strip clubs. You can also check out what people have to say about sports venues -- and the fans who occupy those seats.

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War Memorial Stadium in Laramie features a modest six reviews, all pretty positive and boasting at least a 4-star rating.

"7220 Feet in the Air!!!!! The Highest elevation college football field in the Nation. Nuff said ... I got tired just walking on it!" - Patrick B., Florence, South Carolina

"UW has made a lot of improvements to the War over the years. The paved lot is beautiful.  We tailgate in the main parking lot. I was happy that the Indoor Practice Field was open, so I could have access to real plumbing, but they do close it down during the game. The outhouses are actually not too bad, if you have to use them. The staff inside the stadium is friendly. And the field is in great condition. If you haven't been to the War for a Cowboys game, you need to put it on your list! Go Pokes!" - Cyndi J., Omaha, Nebraska

"'Welcome to 7220 feet. How's your oxygen?' Beautiful stadium, especially on a nice late summer/ early fall day with blue sky and pine trees lining the stadium. Great for concerts and other events. Food options range from the highly-sought after Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches and Papa John's pizza. Parking is reasonable along the streets, and if you live close by can hear the stadium noise from your apartment. Just be aware that after game days aren't always the best time to go to the grocery store or out to eat" - Marie S., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pretty tame, right?

Are you planning on heading to any of the Cowboys' six road games this fall? Let's check out what some Yelpers have to say about those stadiums:


Albertsons Stadium, Boise, Idaho

"Besides the blue turf, this place is nothing but a glorified high school football experience. The smurf fans aren't used to winning so feel the need to get into your face if you are an opposing fan. More hicks here than at a 4th of July rodeo." - Mike S., Scottsdale, Arizona

"Bronco Stadium is just OK. The blue field is clearly striking, but if BSU is going to make it in a big time conference, they need some major upgrades. Permanent end zone seating is definitely necessary, and maybe don't have poles that block people's sight lines. A good rule of thumb for a stadium should be to make sure that people who've paid a ticket to watch a game don't have a giant pole blocking half of the field. Obviously a fun game and atmosphere, but the stadium itself could use some work." - Mark S., Denver, Colorado

Cody's comments: Not my favorite venue, but the nicest press box in the Mountain West. Zero doubt about that. Though I haven't been to UNLV's new digs yet ...




Falcon Stadium, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Worst experience I have ever had attending a sporting event. Stadium Series 2020 was an absolute debacle at this venue. Parking a mess, totally disorganized, terrible traffic flow. Once inside, there were no markings for seating areas and no ushers. I saw several handicapped people suffering due to the unsafe mess at Falcon Stadium and it broke my heart. Sightlines for game were also terrible. I paid 150 for a seat and I could not even see the puck due to being too low. I am not surprised someone died getting out of this event. Simply lack of any leadership or planning." - Terry K., San Diego, California

"Interesting setup. Smoke from the food tents wafts across the field and totally in the view of spectators for the entire game due to lack of any surrounding walls. Stadium is set up in a giant oval and is completely open with no covered areas whatsoever. This makes for pretty good views from every seat, however. Felt very temporary as there were no dedicated vendors or even lavatories. Lots of port-o-potties to choose from, though. I loved the flyover and the parachute guys that landed on the field before the game. The military tradition and pride was a site to see. But I was still thrilled when the Utes won :)" - Kelie H., Salt Lake City, Utah

Cody's comment: Been to this venue dozens of times. Parking lot is large and can be a blast. The few entrances into the joint is the worst part.


SJSU courtesy photo
SJSU courtesy photo

CEFCU Stadium, San Jose, California

"The Stadium is in need of some renovations and the food vendor Spartan Eats who runs the Gridiron Grub concession stand is poorly ran and managed. First and last game. Waited in line 40 minutes to get to the counter and not be able to order what I stood in line for!!!! Out of stuff before halftime on homecoming. Makes no sense to me. Maybe it's time to contract the food and beverage services out to a better ran company." - Dexter K., Salinas, California

"Ok. I get that it's old. I get that it's small. But come on, let's put a little money into the concessions. Far too little available. I missed a whole quarter of the Fresno State Spartans game because the food lines were so long and slow. The concessions are sub standard. And you ran out of water at the concession stand before half time? Terrible." - Anthony B., Martinez, California

Cody's comment: Sneak a hot dog in your pocket when you see the Pokes play in San Jose. This will be my first trip to CEFCU Stadium. Do they have bleachers on the other side of the stadium yet?



Maverik Stadium, Logan, Utah

"This is a great stadium, I might be slightly biased seeing as I bleed blue through and through, but it seriously holds some fun memories for me. I've sat in both the student and the community section, they have nice seats if with cup holders attached. That's right, cup holders. The field is nice and new with brand new turf and classy lettering. And again, with the brand new additions, the stadium is going to be a stellar spot. Great concessions and overall, just a fun atmosphere! Get a ticket and cheer for those Aggies! TIPS & TRICKS: The HURD is the student cheering section, listen and participate in their cheers; Stay for the half time shows, the bagpipers especially know how to rock and roll; The best seats are on the west side, in the chairs. It's shaded and cool, plus you can sit down. The students make you stand up for four hours. Ugh, never that." - Haley N., Salt Lake City, Utah

Cody's comment: Been for a game as a fan and a media member. The views, no doubt, are cool with the Mountains serving as a backdrop. The atmosphere, well, it's still Utah. Take that for what it's worth.


NIU courtesy photo
NIU courtesy photo

NIU Huskie Stadium, DeKalb, Illinois

"The Stadium is cool and the games are fun to go to if the weather holds up. Don't be caught out their if it gets to cold because it won't be enjoyable. But the Football teams play makes it all worth it." - Danny A., Berrington, Illinois

Cody's comment: Can you tell the last two only have one review on Yelp? I can't say I've heard glowing remarks about this venue, but 2021 will be my first trip. Not judging a book by its cover. Get back to you next Month.


UConn courtesy photo
UConn courtesy photo

Rentschler Field at Pratt & Whitney Stadium, East Hartford, Connecticut

"So far not pleased with the situation of the parking and the lack of organization of the stadium. No shuttles for those who need help walking. This should have been displayed online so arrangements could be made. It's now 5:44pm. The game started at 5pm. Awesome." - Bella V., Cheshire, Connecticut

"Great stadium and better tailgating. There are very few stadiums where the entire attendance can tailgate on grass all together. Makes for a very cool experience and so much better then a series of isolated parking lots or a sea of concrete. Rentschler also has the best beer selection of any stadium I've ever been to. All kinds of local craft beer at every stand, some breweries have their own booths, and all for the same price. No extra charge to get a double IPA. Also lots of local food trucks and restaurant stands (get Bears Smokehouse it's fantastic), not just the generic hotdog stand. The stadium holds 40k with great views from pretty much all angles, you can walk around the concourse to be protected from wind/rain. There is a massive Jumbotron for replays. I dont have too many negatives, it's a great place to watch some live sports." - Dave D., New Haven, Connecticut

"I've been to Rentschler field many, many times. It's a forty thousand person stadium in the outskirts of Hartford built on an old airstrip. Traffic is insane. It's the home field of the UConn Huskies. You won't get a big stadium feel here but that means every seat in the house is a good one. The teams that play here may not be great, but the fans have the tailgating piece nailed down. Many never bother to even enter the stadium. Aim for grey lot if you can, it's the closest and parking is typically a reasonable $20. I wouldn't suggest you go into the stadium hungry. The food is... lacking. However, go thirsty! I'm always amazed at the beer selection. Just be prepared to pay stadium prices." - Abby B., West Hartford, Connecticut

"The most annoying sports experience ever. $15 parking 25 minutes away by foot. No directions. Drunk kids falling down everywhere. Little security. Big time football run small time. Ridiculous place." - Mo B., North Hampton, Massachusetts

Cody's comment: This will also be my first trip to Connecticut this fall. Sounds like parking is a train wreck and beer is plentiful. Too bad I will only get to partake in the traffic part.

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