I moved to Cheyenne during the Tiger King portion of the Pandemic, back in April of 2020. Needless to say, my hope for watching fall sports was bleak. Nothing was open for close to two months after I moved to town. When football season was announced and we knew we'd have it, albeit a weird season, I needed to find a place to watch the games.

Why did I need to find a place to watch the games? Why couldn't I just watch at home? Well, there's nothing like watching football with the sound on in a bar with a mountain of bar snacks in front of you and a cold beer. That's my happy place.

Fast forward to 2021 and I discovered several places to catch the game the year prior, along with some new businesses opening up to add to our options. While Cheyenne is really lacking sports bars, there are plenty of places to catch the game, now that I'm more established in my new home.

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The ranking I have below is in an order that I feel are the best watching situations around town, I'll go ahead and apologize in advance if I missed your favorite spot. I'll plead ignorance. While I've been to several watering holes around Cheyenne, I know I've missed out on something, at least.

Put on your foam finger, we're going to head to several places around Cheyenne that are worthy of watching football, whether you love the NFL or are a College Football fan wanting to catch the Pokes on TV. Here. We. Go!

Check Out This List Of Places To Catch The Game In Cheyenne

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