LARAMIE -- Don't be surprised if you see Evan Svoboda, standing outside the offensive huddle, both hands covering the ear holes of his helmet next August inside Sun Devil Stadium.

He's simply receiving the play call before relaying the message to his teammates.

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Helmet communication from coach to quarterback has finally made its way to the college ranks after a near three-decade trial run in the NFL.

"I love it. It's super helpful," said Svoboda, Wyoming's first-year starting signal caller. "Having coach (Jay) Johnson in my ear, not only is he giving me the call, but while I'm at the line he's telling me what some of the defensive guys are doing. Are they bringing pressure? What's the front? He can see the backend and he's kind of just like the giant eyes the operation. So, it's super sweet having that new technology now."



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That communication is limited to just one coach and one player on both sides of the ball. The headset will cut all audio with 15 seconds left on the play clock. The junior quarterback said Tuesday the new scheme in Laramie will be fast-paced, featuring tempo and urgency.

Svoboda could be snapping the ball before transmission is severed.

"I think it'll definitely take our game to new heights," he said of this new-look offense. "It just definitely gives us that, you know, advantage on a lot of people, especially up here at this altitude with guys coming up here. They're going to have to keep up with our fast offense."

John Michael Gyllenborg, a junior tight end, said versatility will now play a role in the Cowboys' game plan.

"I think my favorite part is the ability to call any play at any point throughout the game," he added. "In years past, and probably with most offenses, it's more of like a game-plan script. There's not much adjusting that you can really do on the fly until halftime or a sideline period. But, with this offense, if coach Johnson sees something, the next play we could call whatever we want, it doesn't matter. That's what's cool to me."

Wyoming has been using this technology since preparations for last December's Arizona Bowl got underway.

First-year head coach Jay Sawvel said the initial plan was to implement speakers in Tucson, like many teams around the country did in the postseason, but Toledo chose not to participate.

Not much will change on the defensive end, Sawvel added, though middle linebacker Shae Suiaunoa will feature a green dot on the back of his helmet, signifying that he can hear defensive coordinator Aaron Bohl in his ear.

"You can't huddle against Texas Tech, right? You just have to get lined up," he joked.



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Offensively, on the other hand, this could be a game changer, Sawvel said, adding that tablets can also now be used on the sideline.

"I think the communication ability with the quarterback and all those things is really valuable," he said. "... The tablets, obviously that's something that we haven't had before and haven't had to utilize. We're going to spend some time in the summer (learning) what the capabilities are, because those utilize all different types of angles, so we get a chance to see some of that stuff. You know, those things will be great tools."

The Cowboys have been using helmet communication this spring and will again do so during a scrimmage Saturday inside War Memorial Stadium. The team's ninth of 15 practices will be open to the public. Kickoff is slated for 10:15 a.m.

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