LARAMIE -- While the Chiefs and Giants were busy putting up exactly zero points in the third quarter of their Monday Night Pillow Fight, Josh Allen kept even the most faithful from flipping their television sets to The Voice.

The only voice that mattered was Allen's -- along with the two mostly lovable Manning Bros., Peyton and Eli.

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A week after saying he was a big fan of the "Manning Cast," the Buffalo Bills gunslinger found himself center stage on ESPN2 last night talking about everything from beer consumption, to crashing through tables to Marshall Manning's youth flag football team and the name he chooses to put on the back of his jersey.

Hint: it's not Manning:

About that love of beer. Allen says he prefers "Blue Lights" aka Labatt Blue, a Buffalo favorite:

In fact, Allen likes them so much, he didn't know who Chad Henne was:

All it will take for Allen to jump through a table -- yet another Buffalo tradition -- is the Lombardi Trophy:

Eli Manning joked about Allen throwing at a Manning Passing Academy when he was in college. Despite the pouring rain in Mississippi, the Wyoming gunslinger was all in on tossing the ball around the yard.

He isn't scared of weather.

"Obviously, playing in Wyoming and getting that experience there (helped)," Allen said with a smile.

You can check out the entire interview with Allen right HERE.


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