BOISE, Idaho -- Let's try something a little different this week.

We typically live Tweet thoughts and insights throughout the game -- and still will today in Boise -- but let's condense it all into one spot. All you need to do is refresh this page throughout today's contest.

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This meeting between Wyoming (5-2, 2-1) and Boise State (3-4, 2-1) is crucial. Understatement, I know. A Cowboys victory would not only put them right in the thick of the Mountain West title hunt, it would all but bury the Broncos.


Kickoff is slated for 3:30 p.m. and the game will televised on FS2.



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* Wyoming kicker John Hoyland has been splitting the uprights in pregame. Saw a few boomers from 50-plus. The All-American has struggled of late, missing his last three attempts. All of those have been pushed to the right. He says that's more than fixable. You can read more about Hoyland HERE.

* Running back Harrison Waylee is dressed and taking part in pregame warmups.

* Mountain West commissioner Gloria Nevarez is in the house today. Must be a big game.

* Pokes will receive the ball first in this one. Boise State defers. Beautiful day in Boise. Here we go.



* Holding penalty on Wes King kills that opening drive. On a positive note, Andrew Peasley, so far, has had alllll day to throw the football.

* Taylen Green with an absolutely perfect 49-yard TD toss to Eric McAlister. Kolbey Taylor never turned his head, ball was on point. Broncos tack on a 2-point conversion. Wyoming's special teams, once again, caught off guard. Boise State 8 Wyoming 0 10:28/ 1Q

* Waylee with a great blitz pickup, giving Peasley time to find Asante for an 8-yard connection on 3rd and 4.

* Wrook Brown is playing pissed off so far in this one. Two big hits on this drive.

* Ty Benefield just snagged an easy interception right there. Peasley, with pressure in his face, heaved it up in the direction of John Michael Gyllenborg. Broncos will take over at the UW 49. Ugly start for the visitors Boise State 8 Wyoming 0 4:07/ 1Q

* Taylen Green makes his first mistake of the afternoon. Jaden Williams forces the fumble and Kolbey Taylor takes a long jaunt down the visiting sideline. Pokes ball at the 49.

* Cowboys take that Boise State gift and promptly go three-and-out. Really uninspiring so far ... on both sides of the ball

* *FUMBLE* Boise State again gifts the Pokes. Andrew Johnson scoops up the muffed punt. Wyoming in biz at the 19.

* *TOUCHDOWN* Peasley with a perfect pass to John Michael Gyllenborg, who was all alone in the end zone. Really nice turn of events right there for the visitors. Hoyland makes this a one-point game. Boise State 8 Wyoming 7 1:46/ 1Q

* Looks like trainers are working on Peasley's left hand/ wrist area. Meanwhile Boise State with a 68-yard (!!!) punt. Pokes will begin this drive at their own 3.



* Stewart with a 34-yard line-drive punt. That's just not getting it done at all. Boise State will start this drive at the UW 30.

* Pokes are going to force a field-goal attempt here. Big time stop for this D that was put in a really bad spot.

* * MISSED FIELD GOAL* Boise State's holder with the mistake there. Can't get the ball down, caused Dalmas to misstep. Ugly play all around for the home team. Boise State 8 Wyoming 7 10:45/ 2Q

* Peasley with a big miss right there. If he gave Sam Scott a chance that could've been a big gainer.

* Clayton Stewart with a MUCH better punt -- and the roll -- right there. Broncos will start this possession at the 22-yard line after that 51-yard kick

* Boise State just bullied its way down the field on that drive. Broncos are back in the end zone. That was a 14-play, 77-yard drive that took 7:35 off the clock. Boise State 15 Wyoming 7 2:04/ 2Q

* Broncos have 234 yards of offense so far in this one. Wyoming, 70

* Really hard to believe this is a one-possession game. It's been all-around hideous, but a pair of Boise State mistakes have kept the visitors in it.

* Wyoming's first-half drives: Punt, Punt, INT, Punt, TD (muffed punt recovered at 19), Punt, Punt, Punt. That's 87 yards of total offense, 18 on the ground. We're at the half



* Taylen Green makes it look easy, hitting the edge and cruising into the end zone from nine yards out. That was way too easy. The entire drive. Boise State 22 Wyoming 7 11:00/3Q

* Ashton Jeanty, the nation's leader in all-purpose yards, is on the bench in street clothes. Boise State doesn't need him anyway.

* A delay of game on the Cowboys ... This is so bad right now

* No rushing lanes. No one getting open down field. No juice. Can't stop the run. Can't stop the pass. Can't get to the QB. Penalties. A Turnover. Lots of punts. Bad. All bad.

* Kolbey Taylor with a pass interference on McAlister. That's one way to stop him.

* Maddux Madsen with a six-yard TD strike to Strachan. Great catch. Had all day to throw it. This is downright ugly. Boise State 29 Wyoming 7 1:44/ 3Q

* Peasley just got absolutely smoked on that sack. Getting up slowly. Wyoming rolled up 18 yards of total offense in the third, outscored 14-0.



* Ekeler appears to be hurt. Bertagnole and Godbout have both left the field on this drive, too.

* Boise State has run 63 plays in this game and rolled up 411 yards of total offense. Wyoming has taken 38 snaps and put up 103 yards. Brutal.

* Well, that play just summed up this game. Boise State had no less than nine guys in pursuit of Peasley as he ran for his life. He was eventually sacked.

* Back-to-back false starts on the Cowboys. Svoboda is finally in. This has been an absolute mess.

* Svoboda nearly throws a pick-six on his first throw of the afternoon.

* Stay tuned for plenty of postgame stories at

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