LARAMIE -- By now you know the rules.

All college football players are eligible to play elsewhere immediately thanks to the NCAA's one-time transfer rule. They can also move to a team within the same conference. Jay Norvell, Colorado State's new head coach, is taking full advantage of that, bringing a host of playmakers from his old stomping grounds in Reno.

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This meme on Twitter pretty much sums that up:

Brent Brennan also lured Hawaii quarterback Chevan Cordeiro to San Jose State. That's not just a move within the Mountain West Conference, it's in the same division.

Coaching changes are sure to create plenty of movement throughout the offseason. At least three league schools -- CSU, Nevada and Fresno State -- have already made leadership changes.

Will there be more? Things aren't looking great for Todd Graham in Hawaii. The number of guys intending to transfer off the island is making it look even worse.

Will there be more player movement? You can count on that. We'll keep an eye on the portal throughout bowl season.

Remember, just because someone puts his name in the portal doesn't mean he can't return to his old school. Fresno State quarterback Jake Haener briefly threw his name in the mix before ultimately deciding to stay in the valley.

We will update as new information becomes available.



Dru Polidore - Cornerback

Joshua Sauickie - Offensive line

Grayson Cook - Linebacker

Tylan Hines - Running back (Signed with Hawaii)

David Chapeau - Punter (Signed with East Carolina)

AJ Snow - QB



Jack Sears - Quarterback

Andrew VanBuren - Running back

Kyle Juergens - Offensive line



Vince Picozzi - Offensive line
Elijah Johnson - Offensive tackle
Cam Reddy - Offensive line

Brian Polendey - Tight end (Signed with West Virginia)

Linwood Crump - Cornerback

Ellison Hubbard - Defensive line (Signed with Sam Houston State)

Marcus McElroy - Running back (Signed with McNeese State)

Jackson Ray - Punter

Kyle Helbig - Tight end

Tanner Hollens - Athlete

Christian Hunter - Running back

Todd Centeio - Quarterback (Signed with James Madison)

Kyjuan Herndon - Athlete

Mike Ciaffoni - Defensive line (Signed with Rutgers)

Matt Valecce - Quarterback

Branden Coleman - Cornerback



Jake Haener - Quarterback (Staying at Fresno State)

Alexandre Dumais - Defensive line

Kamron Forest - Cornerback

Isaiah Johnson - Defensive end

Isaac Garcia - Linebacker

Matt Lowe - Offensive line



Adam Stack - Kicker

Cameron Lockridge - Cornerback (Signed with South Alabama)

Chevan Cordeiro - Quarterback (Signed with San Jose State)

Kilohana Haasenritter - Wide receiver

Daveon Hunter - Running back (Signed with Liberty)

Donovan Dalton - Safety

Kila Kamakawiwo'ole - Linebacker

Gabriel Iniguez - Defensive end

Chigozie Anusiem - Cornerback

Tru Edwards - Wide receiver

Sterlin Ortiz - Safety

Boone Abbott - Quarterback

Darius Muasau - Linebacker (Signed with UCLA)

Justus Tavai - Defensive line (Signed with San Diego State)

Hekili Keliiliki - Running back

Michael Graham - Safety

Zacchaeus McKinney - Defensive line

Jonah La'ulu - Defensive line (Signed with Oklahoma)

Nick Mardner - Wide receiver (Signed with Cincinnati)

Khoury Bethley - Running back



Avery Morrow - Running back (Signed with CSU)

Clay Millen - quarterback (Signed with CSU)

Melquan Stovall - Wide receiver (Signed with CSU)

Justin Lockhart - Wide receiver (Signed with SJSU)

Lamin Touray - Linebacker

Elijah Cooks - Wide receiver (Signed with SJSU)

Daiyan Henley - Linebacker (Signed with Washington State)

Trevyn Heil - Offensive line (Signed with CSU)
Peter Montini - Linebacker (Signed with CSU)
Jacob Gardner - Offensive tackle (Signed with CSU)
Tory Horton - Wide receiver (Signed with CSU)

Jordan Lee - Cornerback (Signed with Washington State)

Daniel Grzesiak - Defensive end

Jack Powers - Defensive end (Signed with East Carolina)



Quinn Potts - Safety

Cade Briggs - Offensive line (Signed with Texas Tech)

Jack Buford - Offensive tackle (Signed with Arizona)

Emmanuel Greene - Wide receiver

Marquae Kirkendoll - Cornerback

Damon Gentry Jr. - Cornerback

James Lewis - Linebacker

Aaron Dumas - Running back

Ben Bertram - Defensive end

Bobby Cole - Running back
Leke Asenuga - Offensive line (Signed with North Texas)



Ilaisa Gonebure - Defensive line

Joey Capra - Offensive line (Signed with Nevada)

Hunter Kaupiko - Linebacker
Lucas Johnson - Quarterback (Signed with Montana)
Allen Mwata - Safety

Kaegun Williams - Running back

Chris Martinez - Offensive line (Signed with Arizona State)

Jordan Brookshire - Quarterback



EJ Ane - Defensive end

Chance Johnson - Safety
Sinjun Astani - Defensive line

Andre Crump - Wide receiver

Isaiah Holiness - Wide receiver (Signed with UMass)



Farrell Hester - Linebacker

Malakai Salu - Linebacker

Aaron Holloway - Wide receiver

Jeremiah Houston - Cornerback

Jacoby Windmon - Linebacker (Signed with Michigan State)
Daniel Caloca - Defensive tackle
Waisale Muavesi - Defensive line (Re-signed with UNLV)

Mychal Victor - Cornerback

Malcolm Johnson - Linebacker

Noah Bean - Tight end

Malik Wesley - Wide receiver



Zahodri Jackson - Cornerback

Mata Hola - Defensive end

Jahaziel Lee - Offensive tackle
Andrew Peasley - Quarterback (Signed with Wyoming)

Simon Thompson - Linebacker

Jesse Vasquez - Long snapper



** Keyon Blankenbaker - Nickel/ corner (entered portal Dec. 4)

Levi Williams - Quarterback (entered portal Dec. 22) (Signed with Utah State)

Isaiah Neyor - Wide receiver (entered portal Dec. 22) (Signed with Tennessee)

** Victor Jones - Defensive end (entered portal Dec. 23) (Signed with Akron)

* Cam Murray - Safety (entered portal Dec. 22) (Signed with Northern Colorado)

Rome Weber - Safety (entered portal Dec. 23) (Signed with Western Kentucky)

Sean Chambers - Quarterback (Entered portal Dec. 23) (Signed with Montana State)

** CJ Coldon - Cornerback (Entered portal Dec. 26) (Signed with Oklahoma)

* Azizi Hearn - Cornerback (Entered portal Dec. 26) (Signed with UCLA)

* Xazavian Valladay - Running back (Entered portal Dec. 27) (Signed with Arizona State)

* Jaylen Pate - Defensive end (Entered portal Jan. 19) (Signed with Northwestern)

* Solomon Byrd - Defensive end (Entered portal March 19) (Signed with USC)

* Malik Williams - Offensive lineman (Entered portal March 22)  (Signed with Contra Costa College)

* Michael Chavez - Safety (Entered portal May 1)

* Ravontae Holt - Defensive tackle (Entered portal May 1)

Wyoming has signed: Evan Svoboda - Quarterback - Snow College; Cole DeMarzo - Linebacker - Michigan State; Andrew Peasley - Quarterback - Utah State; Deron Harrell - Cornerback - Wisconsin; Jakorey Hawkins - Cornerback - Ole Miss; TJ Urban - Safety - Air Force

* Grad transfer

** Graduated by still has multiple years of eligibility

***UPDATED Jan. 19, 2022***

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