LARAMIE -- Play install is compete.

Tedious drills have been common place for nearly three weeks.

Positions -- aside from a few -- have been settled since spring.

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Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl said following Tuesday's practice the focus has shifted. His team's full attention is on Week 1 opponent Montana State and a much-anticipated meeting with good friend and former longtime assistant, Brent Vigen.

"You know, it was a little bit of dog days today," he said. "I mean, as much as we know that game time is right around the corner -- I don't know if our players recognize that as much as what we do -- but nonetheless, that's kind of where we're at."

In other words -- it's time to play ball.

Here's what else Bohl told the media after practice:

* Once again, Bohl praised technology and his strength and conditioning staff for the limited injuries the Cowboys have sustained during a physical fall camp. He said no "frontline" players have gone down but there were some "back-up guys."

* Bohl added today that his team didn't suffer one concussion over the last two-plus weeks. One camp, he mentioned Monday, Wyoming suffered "like 28," per Bohl.


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* With 145 combined starts for his veteran offensive line, Bohl said expect to see rotation at those spots this season. He mentioned Rudy Stofer, Latrell Bible and Zach Watts as guys who have experience who could slide right in. "There's a real comfort when you look out there," Bohl said. "I was joking, I said, 'Logan Harris looks like he's got four kids and runs around with a stroller.' I mean, some of these guys are old. It's encouraging. I mean, we're at seasoned veteran football team and we need to play like that and take advantage of that."

* Bohl said the same can be said about the interior of his defensive line. The return of Ravontae Holt certainly doesn't hurt. "We kind of brought him along slowly," Bohl said. "He's coming back from several ACL tears -- two on one knee and one on the other. But we increased his rep count, so he's been back." Bohl also said Cole Godbout missed some time with an injury but has been a full go at practice.

* Rotation of guys on the defensive line is something you can take to the bank. "I almost say it's like sumo wrestling -- you have to roll those guys out," Bohl said. "So you'll see a whole variety guys play."

* Bohl has turned the page on a mostly forgettable 2020, but once in a while he likes to remember how truly dire the situation was at times. Before the Cowboys faced Nevada in the season opener, Bohl said his entire freshman class was quarantined, which meant basically no scout team. There were just two healthy quarterbacks -- Sean Chambers and Levi Williams. By now you know how that worked out. "It drove an old coach to drinking," Bohl joked. "We're in a better place right now."

* One of Bohl's favorite subjects to discuss is doubters when it comes to recruiting Wyoming players. Here's a beauty of a quote: "I don't know how many times I've been told you can't win with Wyoming guys," he said. "If I got a quarter for every time then I'd be a rich guy." The Cowboys roster currently features 11 players from Wyoming, including Parker Christensen, Logan Harris and Frank Crum, who were all listed as starters on the depth chart before camp.

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