LARAMIE -- Gut wrenching. Brutal. Cruel.

Those are just a few words one might use to describe the turn of events that took place over the final minute of Saturday night's 20-17 loss to Boise State inside a frosty War Memorial Stadium.

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Just when it looked as if the Pokes were cooked, George Holani offered up a gift. The Broncos' running back fumbled the ball with the visitors attempting to run out the clock. Out of the pile came DeVonne Harris. Wyoming's defensive end rumbled 44 yards before eventually being dumped at the 21-yard line.

The Cowboys were back in business.

It was short lived.

Jayden Clemons, who was making his first-career start under center, tossed the ensuing snap into double coverage. JL Skinner, the Broncos' all-world safety, snagged the pick. It was his second interception on as many throws.

This one hurts. Let's ride the wave of a fanbase who was here for the whole thing. Here are this weeks rants and raves:


Matthew Blaylock (Facebook) You cannot miss on plays where a WR is that wide open.

Michael Fox (Facebook) The Pokes almost made that look easy! Keep it up boys!

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) I'm on my feet cheering for these young Cowboys!!!!

Kirk Lehner (Facebook) My favorite short yardage play is when we line the tailback up 8 yards deep and then we don’t block anyone.

Eric Popham (Facebook) Why take your foot off the gas and let them back in the game?

Sean Miller (Facebook) Back to piss poor predictive run plays and lets keep only using our shoulder to tackle not wrap up

Matthew P Pacheco (Facebook) I hate how conservative Bohl went on the last few possessions. We have already given up almost 300 yds. We aren't walking away with the win by simply playing it safe on O.




Kristin McLean (Facebook) Should’ve kept the gas on when they had the momentum. It appears Boise made adjustments and we did not!

Eric Popham (Facebook) Wish they could put 4 full quarters together. I know this team is young and all but come on.

Matthew Blaylock (Facebook) Now that we are losing maybe we will try something other than a run... I know it is a radical idea in football, but sometimes you have to be radical.

Jon Nichols (Facebook) Hand off to Titus cannot be the only play in the playbook…

Scott Dorris (Facebook) And this is where the wheels fall off I guess…sure hope I’m proven wrong

Clay Daniel Cates (Facebook) We are down by 3 but it feels like we are done....

Rick Larson (Facebook) Cardiac Cowboys it's getting to be showtime Let's go Defense get a stop

Brett Toombs (Facebook) Sure would like to see one pass to a tight end in the middle of the field.

Erik Stone (Facebook) Regardless of the outcome, Wyoming's defense has played championship football tonight.

Brieanna Franze (Facebook) Oh my Holy Lord in Heaven! It is a miracle! That is amazing!


David James (Facebook) Sooooooo we on the Fire Bohl train now? QB throws same amount of interceptions as he did completions. Defense showed out. Bohl lost this game with the play calling.

Michael Swann (Facebook) At a loss for words right now ! WTF!

Sean Dunn (Facebook) Horrible call... love to hear the rationale. There's not an answer any of us would be good with. We had them and it was pissed away...

CP Saner (Facebook) There is never a good reason to throw that ball there. I don’t even blame any player, that is 100% on coaching there! Are you’d stupid!??!? Worst play call I HAVE EVER SEEN in my lifetime. Know the situation and your personnel. That was atrocious

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