LARAMIE -- Forwards on the University of Wyoming soccer team must possess two important qualities. And it’s the marriage of these two essential, yet different, philosophies that will determine their success rate.

“We want them to want to be lethal,” UW head coach Colleen Corbin said. “We want them to want to score. We also need them to be patient. That means taking the extra time to make the right choice, and do it at a high level.”

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The forwards are the ones doing a majority of the scoring. They’re the ones tasked with capitalizing on scoring chances that the backline and midfield create.

Many times that buildup doesn’t produce a goal. And even when it does, it’s only one who earns the goal payoff.

“It’s not always about them, and it’s not always about you getting the ball,” Corbin said. “It’s about how do you create space for the other people that are on your team. If a defender doesn’t follow you, great. You get the ball, and you score, but you have to be thinking selflessly in that sense.”

There are a number of different players who will embody these aforementioned traits. Senior Amber Vokoun, juniors DeLaney Hallcroft, Faith Joiner, Sydney Miller and Haylee Rice, sophomores Alyssa Bedard, Nikayla Copenhaver, Camille Hawley and freshmen Maddi Chance and Melia Stubbs will all compete for playing time at the forward position.

Copenhaver and Bedard both started four games during the spring 2021 season. Copenhaver accumulated three points with one goal and one assist, while Bedard – who scored in the exhibition match at Kansas State on Sunday – logged one goal in the spring.

Vokoun brings back a wealth of talent after appearing in all nine games and starting four of them and registering one assist last season. Joiner also made nine appearances and four starts, while Hallcroft and Miller made eight and seven appearances, respectively.

“We have a lot of people that are going to be effective in that (forward) spot,” Corbin said.

Wyoming begins the regular season Friday at home. The Cowgirls host Colorado School of Mines at 4 p.m. at the Madrid Sports Complex.

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