LARAMIE -- Let me preface this story by saying I dig @BigGameBoomer on Twitter. Also, these lists below are just for fun. Can you tell I'm still a tad skittish after people actually thought I said Wyoming's fight song "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" is too violent?

You can read that story right HERE if you dare.

Back to this Twitter page.

The Oklahoma alum and 24/7 College Football Rankings "expert" -- not sure if that's an earned title or not -- who runs it, is always good for a fun, controversial list or two.

And like with any ranking system, it brings up arguments.

That's a good thing.

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For instance, seven minutes ago, this Twitter page posted the "Top Offensive guards" entering the 2021 season. It takes one quick look over to see that he overlooked Wyoming's guards, Eric Abojei and Logan Harris, by far and away two of the best in the game at that position. Sure, his rankings are loaded with Power-5 players, but there are a handful of Group of Five players ranked, including Hawaii's Solo Vaipulu.

Good player. But in the same conversation with Abojei and Harris? That's debatable.

This isn't -- Keegan Cryder is not listed as one of the Top-50 centers?

That's a big swing and a miss.

Cryder was a freshman All-American in 2018. The following year he was a second-team All-Mountain West selection. He made the first team in 2020.

But that's one of the fun things about this page. It's subjective -- to say the least.

Seventeen hours ago, the post was "The best/ worst student section in the G5."

Five Mountain West programs ended up on the good side of the bracket. Boise State is ranked No. 3, followed by Fresno State (9), Air Force (12), Colorado State (18) and Wyoming (20).

UNLV earned the seventh worst student section in the Group of Five.

Do Boise State and Fresno State have good student sections? Absolutely. Air Force, well, it's mandatory for the cadets to show up. That helps. CSU can have a stellar section if the opponent, weather and team's record is sufficient to show up. It also depends if there's a marathon to run, new brewery to hit or a sale on North Face jackets.

I kid, I kid.

All I know is one of these programs had a student section at its spring game.

Read that again.

The chants and booze were flowing last Saturday inside War Memorial Stadium. Then again, that's nothing new for this bunch. Even in lean years, the students still make their voices heard every Saturday in Laramie.

This page did list CSU as having the second-least sensitive fan base on Twitter. I'm on the fence about this one. Saw lots of belly aching last week when I posted that the UW student sections chant was "It sucks to be a CSU Ram!"

Then again, being least sensitive might indicate a lack of care ...

You be the judge on that one.

This, of course, is all in fun. I definitely suggest you check out this Twitter page. If anything, it will help us all get through the dog days of summer as we eagerly await kickoff of the 2021 season.

Let's end this with one this Twitter page nailed -- when it comes to Wyoming. In fact, every list seems to:

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