LARAMIE -- To say Jeff Linder was irate would be a severe understatement.

Wyoming's second-year head coach earned his first technical foul arguing a blocking foul against Brendan Wenzel under the hoop with 15:50 left in the first half Tuesday night's critical meeting against visiting Utah State.

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The second came moments later when he said the magic word to a nearby official. His staff was forced to restrain him.

This is Linder's second ejection in as many seasons.



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In a meeting with New Mexico last February in Colorado Springs, Linder was given the gate early in the first half of the Cowboys 83-74 overtime victory for arguing a call. In both cases, assistant Ken DeWeese stepped in as the interim head coach.

Linder was animated on the sideline after freshman forward Graham Ike was hit with back-to-back fouls on consecutive trips down the floor. Wenzel's foul came less than a minute later.

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