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Q: Why Wyoming?  
A: For me, they were there the whole time. They recruited me from the start. It's my home-state team and a cool opportunity to represent my home state. That's why it was it for me.

Q: What position will you play in Laramie and what can fans expect you to bring to the table?
A: I'll be playing fullback. I guess you can tell fans to expect a hard-working player who will do whatever it takes to help the team win.

Q: You were a linebacker in high school. Any chance we see you in that spot with Logan Wilson and Cassh Maluia graduating?
A: I wasn't recruited as a linebacker. Maybe I'll get a shot? At fullback, Wyoming definitely utilizes that position a lot. If they didn't use that I'm not sure I would have went.

Q: What other schools showed interest in you?
A: Arizona State, Montana State, Northern Colorado, Chadron, Western Colorado, Black Hills State and some other D2 schools like North Dakota.

Q: When did you visit and what are your thoughts on the facilities, coaching staff, players, fans? I'm sure you've been to a bunch of Cowboys games in your life.
A: Actually, We haven't. I've always busy during this time of year. We went to a couple of games, but we always watched on TV. We've always followed the program. I will take my official visit next month. The facilities are second to none. The coaches, that's the biggest thing for me. They called me once a week. I was up there in spring for a practice and got to talk to coaches a lot. They are personable and started relationships. I took my unofficial visits to talk to them a little more and built relationships. The fans support. People are always telling me who excited they are to come watch me. It's pretty cool, statewide, how excited they are. I def agree.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current UW team?
A: I watch every game. I think they show (Craig) Bohl wants to put in hard work. They are never out of a game. That's the big thing. How would they compete? It's been impressive. I hope in the next couple years we are competing for a Mountain West championship. Couple things go a different way this season and they're in the title game.

Q: What do you want Wyoming fans to know about you?
A: That's a tough question. I'm a super physical player and I compete to win. Every down, I compete to win. Everybody tries to win, but I'll bring that physicality and be that spark plug who will bring a big play when we need it. That's a big goal of mine every game.

Q: When are you coming to Laramie?
A: I'll be there in early June. I will be playing in the Shrine Bowl then heading down. I'm only 17 years old. I will be in Laramie before I'm even 18.


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