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Q: Why Wyoming?
A: I'd say mainly, going through the recruit process, Wyoming felt like home. The coaches, facilities and everything.

Q: Did playing close to home matter?
A: A little bit. It didn't effect my decision too much. It's nice I ended up being close.

Q: What position will you play in Laramie and what can fans expect you to bring to the table?
A: I'm playing defensive end. I think I can just bring the pass-rush ability, rushing the quarterback out of the pocket.

Q: What do you think about a couple of guys at the position right now, Garrett Crall and Solomon Byrd?
A: I went up to almost every home game. I'm actually (in Laramie) on official visit. Garrett is my host.

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Q: What other schools showed interest in you?
A: I got offers from North Dakota, New Mexico, Northern Colorado, and, in the end, Boise State. I knew after coming up to camps and games, I knew this is where I wanted to be.

Q: When did you visit and what are your thoughts on the facilities, coaching staff, players, fans?
A: The facilities blow me away. Touring other colleges, these are the top facilities in the nation. The staff is awesome, coach AJ Cooper has mainly helping me with recruiting, but I'm looking forward to playing for the whole staff. The fans have been selling out this year. It's awesome. In Wyoming, the thing they say is everyone shows up.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current UW team?
A: I think (Craig) Bohl is putting together something special. From coming to games and going to practices, they are fully invested. I'm ready to show up ready to work give it my all.

Q: What do you want Wyoming fans to know about you?
A: I just want them to know I'm going to get up here start working.

Q: Any big plans for your official visit?
A: We are at a ski resort right now snow mobiling.

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