LARAMIE -- The University of Wyoming swimming & diving team will enjoy new and upgraded facilities this upcoming season. Corbett Pool is receiving a facelift in numerous different areas.

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The main pool space encompasses a couple different new entities that will improve air quality. Two large fans were installed on the south end of the pool to help with air circulation, and a new HVAC system was put in, as well.

Also present on the ceilings are a number of acoustic-dampening panels. The ceiling is lined with them to reduce/eliminate the echo that existed previously.

Adjacent to the pool deck, in the northwest corner, is a brand-new team room. This space will be utilized by student-athletes and coaches for team meetings, video work and dry-land exercises.

Both men’s and women’s teams will enjoy new designated locker rooms. Those will come with state-of-the-art lockers for each and every swimmer and diver.

Wyoming begins its season Sept. 12 at the Horsetooth Open Water Swim in Fort Collins, Colorado.

* University of Wyoming press release

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