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LARAMIE -- The Wyoming Cowgirls are in the midst of preparation for their upcoming two-week trip to Australia July 31-Aug. 12. UW began practice for its trip Down Under July 16 and will depart the United States July 31.

The Cowgirls will arrive in Melbourne Aug. 2 before having their first practice session and a welcome dinner later in the day. After a day of sightseeing in Melbourne Aug. 3, where it will trek through Melbourne’s laneways and take a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, UW will play its first of four games on the tour that afternoon against Victoria U18/SDP/NPP.

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Aug. 4 will be another day of sightseeing around Melbourne, where the Cowgirls will take a helicopter ride across the Great Ocean Road’s 12 Apostles before playing Wyndham that evening. On the fifth, UW will enjoy the Eureka SkyDeck before taking in an Australian Rules football game.

On Aug. 6, Wyoming will move on to Cairns where it will enjoy more time at beaches and snorkeling throughout the Great Barrier Reef on the seventh. After going to Hartley’s Crocodile Farm, the Cowgirls will play their third game against the Cairns Dolphins. Aug. 9 will feature a free morning in Cairns before flying to Sydney that afternoon. That night, the Cowgirls will go on the Sydney Sights Tour and explore Sydney’s historic “Rocks” District.

The morning of Aug. 10 will be highlighted by a visit to the historic Sydney Opera House. That evening, the Cowgirls will play their final game of the trip as they will take on Australia CoE. The final day of sightseeing in Australia will be the 11th with a trip on the Sydney Harbor Ferry with free time at Manly Beach. That afternoon will feature a climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Wyoming will leave Australia to travel back to the United States Aug. 12.

Fans can follow the Cowgirls’ trip on all UW Cowgirl Basketball social media accounts.

July 31 Depart Laramie, Wyo.
August 1 Lost in transit.
Aug. 2 Arrive in Melbourne Make a stop to say ‘Wominjeka’ with some Aussie locals, Practice Session and Welcome Dinner.
Aug. 3 Trek through Melbourne’s laneways and take a tour of Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Game 1 vs. Victoria U18/SDP/NPP
Aug. 4 Take a helicopter across the Great Ocean Road’s 12 Apostles and trek your way back to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road.
Game 2 vs. Wyndham.
Aug. 5 Enjoy spectacular views over Melbourne from the Eureka SkyDeck and Take in an Australian Rules Football game.
Aug. 6 Travel to Cairns. Soak up the sun on the beach at Palm Cove for the afternoon.
Aug. 7 Snorkel through the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.
Aug. 8 Get up close with the Crocs at Hartley’s Crocodile Farm.
Game 3 vs. Cairns Dolphins.
Aug. 9 Free morning in Cairns before a flight to Sydney. Sydney Sights Tour, explore the historic ‘Rocks’ district.
Aug. 10 Visit the Sydney Opera House.
Game 4 vs. Bball Australia CoE.
Aug. 11 Sydney Harbor Ferry and free time at Manly Beach. Climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Aug. 12 Depart Australia Arrive Laramie, Wyo.

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