NICK MILES, Tight end, Parker, Colo.,
6 feet, 4 inches, 225 pounds
Chaparral High School has no rankings for Miles

Q: Why Wyoming?
A: I chose Wyoming because it felt like home. The way the coaching staff has treated me and shown there support for me and the bond we’ve created so far, I didn’t get that vibe from any other school.

Q: What position will you play in Laramie and what can fans expect you to bring to the table?
A: I will be playing tight end. One thing I bring to the table is my physicality and doing whatever it takes to win.

Q: What other schools showed interest in you?
A: Boise State, CU, New Mexico, Air Force and Kansas State.

Q: When did you visit and what are your thoughts on the facilities, coaching staff, players, fans?
A: I’ve visited multiple times for games over the last two seasons and most recently just went on my official visit this past weekend. The Wyoming facilities are the best I’ve ever seen. All the other schools' facilities I’ve seen don’t even compare. The coaching staff is great and one of the main reasons I chose Wyoming. They really care about all the players and put the effort in to create a bond with the recruits. The players are really cool, too. They are very welcoming, I’m excited to call them my teammates next year.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current UW team?
A: There’s a brotherhood there like no other, with some very good leaders. I like the direction the team is heading in and can’t wait to be a part of it.

Q: What do you want Wyoming fans to know about you?
A: I want Wyoming fans to know that I’m gonna do everything I possibly can to help my team succeed, win games. I’m going to give it everything I have, not only for my teammates and coaches, but the state of Wyoming.

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