The air was biting at War Memorial stadium on a Friday night, and so were a lot of fans on social media. In this special Border War edition of rants and raves, we looked for some of the most excited and most frustrated folks on the web during Wyoming's astounding 17-7 win over Colorado State.


Kelly Souther (Facebook) HALLIBURTON STILL THE MAN.!!!!!!!!!!

Guy Hale (Facebook) Yeah, I hate seeing a punt but at least he got rid of it clean

Kelly Souther (Facebook) We got Duke vs Georgetown bball on [ESPN] right before and am going to be so pissed if they delay my viewing abilities. This is the border war ESPN. Don't make me call your daddy.

Scott Dorris (Facebook) We’ve got to get to the QB otherwise they’ll pick our secondary apart

Guy Hale (Facebook) There are other places to run besides up the damn middle!

Tom Cudney (Facebook) Vallabeast!!! That’s his new nickname!!



Andrew Bercich (Facebook) Who here isn’t excited to get both TVW and Levi Williams in the game? Lovin’ it!

Matt Stephenson (Facebook) Now boot bobo from the field guy is a joke!

Tom Cudney (Facebook) Sheep’s lose their last time out before half right here!! 

Paul Ogle (Facebook) Does vigen have more than 5 plays?

[Replying] Tom Cudney (Facebook)He actually has 6 plays but we haven’t seen the last one yet.


We honestly had to look up what the heck this means.


Craig Frederick (Facebook) Not the most impressive way to start the 2nd half. Hope the defense is ready

John Eisel (Facebook) So that's why CSU hates Bobo so much.

Chris Howe (Facebook) Time for Levi Williams to come in and shine like the stud he is.

Laura Clark (Facebook) Levi all the way Tyler is such a baby

Scott Dorris (Facebook) If that’s targeting then every receiver just needs to nod his head into any oncoming tackler in the future and they’ll get the call.

Jordan Smith (Facebook) Can we fricken blitz pleaseeeeee

Daniel Whelchel (Facebook) How does one cover a 6’6” monster of a person at receiver?



Chris Howe (Facebook) They had better figure out how to cover the pass or we are screwed.

Sean O'Grady (Facebook) Please to all things holy. Can we get a couple first downs and maybe some points.

Tom Cudney (Facebook) He throws the ball away when we rush him!! He gets scared as hell....... RUSH HIM!!!!

Michael Lanphear (Facebook) Man, coach Bobo saved it for WY, he is a horrible coach. He made some dumb ass decisions. Going for it in the 3rd qtr 4th down run up the middle when he had missed it the previous play tries the exact same play again. Gave us great field position that led to a touchdown. Then 4th and short in the 4 qtr instead of going for it tries a 50 yard fg that didn’t have a chance. And Tyler VanderWaal always running backwards when he feels pressure. But Wyo wins it with another great defensive play, by Logan Wilson. We retain the boot!

Jack Schaffer (Facebook) I thought we were supposed to be chanting Fire Vigen now. What gives?

Jordan Smith (Facebook) The future of WYO football is looking awfully bright. Impressed with freshman Levi Williams! And it Sucks To Be A CSU Ram!


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