Three very long weeks had taken their sweet time before the Wyoming Cowboys could take to the gridiron once more. After the game, Braden Smith mentioned playing in the Raiders' brand new stadium in Las Vegas made for the perfect place to let out all that pent up energy.

Thousands of Pokes fans had felt the same buildup during the 22 football-less days after the loss of the Bronze Boot to CSU Nov. 5. Not being able to go to the game, that energy had to come out somewhere, and social media was alive with cheers and frustration and glee and outrage.

The cacophony only found coming from a fanbase watching their boys almost lose the momentum of a 17-0 lead over the UNLV Running Rebels in a 98-yeard drive to score five seconds before the end of the half.

The kind of noise that comes from watching that same Cowboys defense stuff a fourth down attempt first thing the following quarter, and then take the ball over and over for the offense to score.

It's that music we record and play back for you each weak in this segment filled with rants and raves.

Did you make the list this week?

First Quarter

Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) Delicious!

Fred Ockers (Facebook) Cowboys finally do to our opponent what they have been doing to us in the beginning of the game!!

Tony Gillespie (Facebook) Welcome back Crall!

Fred Ockers (Facebook) Cowboys finally do to our opponent what they have been doing to us in the beginning of the game!!

Chad Erdman (Facebook) Levi needs to just settle down a little!

Second Quarter

Steve Salter (Facebook) Can’t get the passing game going today. Geez

Brad W. Willford (Facebook) Defense playing lights out! Offense playing good enough!

Christian Lasher (Facebook) Gotta stop those mental mistakes.

Sharla Zwemer (Facebook) It will hurt with X not playing. Hope it is short term. Penalties are hurting us!

Third Quarter

Dustin Merritt (Facebook) 98-yard drive by a bad UNLV team in three mins is pathetic.The DB who shall not be named is killing us. I'm thinking of a number between #19 and #21.

Eric Ogle (Facebook) Now This is Wyoming Football!!!!

Kevin Williams (Facebook) Garrett Crall has a motor that is redlined on the tachometer the entire game. He’s a pretty studly D lineman for a “stick boy”

Rick Mines (Facebook) Looking pretty darn good with the running game as expected. Keep the petal to the metal.

Dustin Dennis (Facebook) If UW would of played like this against CSU they would of beat CSU....Change my mind?

Trenton Vonburg (Facebook) Now we are scoring off their mistakes. ALL of their mistakes! Go Pokes!

Fourth Quarter

Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) Great Effort today, we could have beaten the Sheep if we played this way. Argh.

Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) The pride of Casper, Wyoming! TOUCHDOWN!!!

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