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LARAMIE -- Saturday at Laramie High School was supposed to be a celebratory Senior Day for the University of Wyoming swim team against Denver. However, COVID-19 kept the Pioneers at home and the Cowboys and Cowgirls looking for an opponent. 

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UW didn’t find a foe, but in a showcase of flexibility and competitiveness, it compiled a meet against itself. It was a microcosm of what this senior class has endured and overcome, as they’ve always remained focused in forever finding a silver lining during uncertain and trying times.  

“They always look for those opportunities to make the most out of any situation, and they’ve done that throughout their whole career,” UW head coach Dave Denniston said. “This is also a senior class that has stuck together. The tight-knit culture they’ve built is contagious amongst the team. That’s why you see so many smiling faces on the pool deck on a day that would, in most cases, be disappointing.” 

There were plenty of smiles and emotions shed before the meet, as a total of 12 seniors were honored. Katelyn Blattner, Sani Carsrud, Maggie Clerkin, Kira Crane, Erin Eccleston, Molly Green, Lainee Jones, Andrea Niemann, Rachel Pietsch, Miller Browne, Thomas Diaz and Ryan Netzel raced for one final time in Laramie, capping a collection of impressive careers.  

As a whole, the dozen student-athletes set school records, Corbett Pool records, resided in many different top-10 all-time lists and reeled in many Mountain West Conference and Western Athletic Conference awards. But that’s simply the tip of the iceberg, as their true impression was made in their leadership.  

They’ll continue to leave a mark during the back nine of this season. Wyoming travels to UNLV for a dual meet at the end of the month.

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