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LARAMIE -- The University of Wyoming Athletic Department has partnered with Wyoming Track & Field student-athlete, Jasmyne Cooper, to raise funds as she battles cancer.

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Jasmyne, who has recently been diagnosed, is currently at home with her family in Oklahoma as she gets treatment. We are all in this together as we support her during this time.   

"Hi, my name is Jasmyne Cooper and I was recently diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). ALCL is a form of cancer produced in the lymph nodes and is a non Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Generally this type of cancer is moderate, but can be considered aggressive. I have already started undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Oklahoma where I am currently staying with my family. The next few months will consistent of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, follow-ups, scans, etc. I am currently a Junior at the University of Wyoming and compete on the Women's Track and Field Team. I have had to step away from the University and the Track program while I undergo treatment. I am partnering with the University of Wyoming Athletics department to set up this account and raise funds for my treatment, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses as I take on this battle with cancer. Any financial assistance and support that you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance. Your support is very much appreciated."

More information can be found on her Go Fund Me Page 

On behalf of Jasmyne, her family, her friends, and the entire Wyoming Athletics community we humbly ask you to support her as she begins her fight.

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