The turf may have been blue, but the fans were red from screaming during this grinder of a Mountain West match-up. Rants and raves were flying aplenty during this all important tilt against Boise State.

Social media threads reached fever pitch, and then suddenly very quiet when the game went into wholly unexpected overtime, and finally ended with a wide-right field goal thudding against hideous turf.

The 20-17 overtime loss was a heart breaker, and the story can be seen through the comments and posts of fans we've collected here.



Sean Chambers (Twitter) GO POKES

Kyle Wright (Facebook) Watching the game in Afghanistan...GO POKES!

@WyoNationBlog (Twitter) I don't understand running zone read style runs without asking the QB to actually run if needed. That play derailed that drive.

Shea Foster (Twitter) Need to see some QB run on the hand offs to keep them honest. The TE are wide open

Erich Schlup (Facebook) Rockin my Pokes jacket at work tonight
Might greet everyone with a Powder River and a Go Pokes


Erich Schlup repping the Pokes from work.

Brett Larson (Facebook) This is gonna be a long night defense can’t stop the pass

Tyler TT (Twitter) Ugh. Needed a 3rd down stop several times and no bueno. :/. Come on Pokes!! Strike back! I believe.

Randy Luna (Facebook) Just a quick observation. On the first Boise pass play, UW had the receiver stopped short of the line to gain but the UW player was trying to strip the ball instead of making the tackle.

Alex Duvall (Facebook) Yes. Let's bail on the game in the first quarter. THAT'LL SHOW EM

Matt Stephenson (Facebook) Do these refs know what a holding call is?

Jeremy Burks (Facebook)The stagnant, run up the middle Offense isn’t going to work tonight....... gonna be a long a night for the D

Clayton Panzeri (Twitter) We’re running the grossest offense of all time.. So slow, methodical, boring



@kaihonu74 (Twitter) The commercials are getting more free coverage than Wyoming’s offense :(

jeremy burks (Twitter) He can not take that sack....... it may have only been 3 yards but throw the damn ball away

Shirley Goltz Beckett (Facebook) Can't run like Chambers

Lori Eastman (Facebook) WTF with the penalties????

Todd Larson (Facebook) Damn penalties will cost you games! Gotta clean it up Pokes!

Jeff Sauter (Facebook) When a running team can't pick up one yard it will be a long game. The defense is unable to stop Boise.

Guy Hale (Facebook) What'd I say??? Get Valladay going! YEAH!!!!!!

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) TVW for the TD works

Mike Gardner (Facebook) Damn he just walked right in

(After 2 sacks in a row)

Tom Cudney (Facebook) I’m telling you... WE CAN DO THIS!!!!



Chris Hall (Facebook) Let’s go Pokes! Take advantage of those TEs & run game!

Scott Sumner (Facebook) They've settled down. D looks good. TVW looks good. Needs a little more pocket awareness.

@wy_stanley (Twitter) D is in Air Force mode...

Mike Power (Facebook) Times like this makes wonder why we don't eat our young!

Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) Our defense..awesome effort...have got to shut down Hightower..Cord is tentative and gimpy..Go Pokes !

Michael Fox (Facebook) Damn. At least we get the holding call.

David Gonzales (Facebook) I don't understand how the refs could overturn that fumble. That ugly smurf turf makes it impossible to determine just about anything.

Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen (Facebook) Get up get up get up get up.....

Scott Dorris (Facebook) Now what?

Chris Howe (Facebook) Why do we run the same play every time? Anyone?


Mike Gardner Whelp I'm gonna go eat my foot now



Michael Fox (Facebook) We’re wearing X out

George Roberts (Facebook) Tyler has been holding his complaints

Michael Anderson (Facebook) e need to come back from this !!!!

Sean O'Grady (Facebook)  Well. Can't give them the ball back. Win or OT

@DominicOverEL (Twitter) I read all these tweets in Cody Tucker’s voice and it makes it so damn enjoyable.

Brett Jaeger (Facebook) It's 7:30am here and it is way too early for this kind of stress.

Johnny Davis (Facebook) aaarrrgghghh why didn't we do QB sneak?


Fonzy Haskell (Facebook) Pokes in Overtime on the "Smurf Turf"? HELL TO THE YEAH!

(Dropped OT interception)

Ross Brezicky (Facebook) Why the hell try a flea flicker in the red zone

Michael Fox (Facebook) Let’s go Coop!

Scott Dorris (Facebook) Tough game guys...wish it would’ve planned out differently. Think we were actually the better team...hold your heads up and come out to win next week

Tim R. Gonzales (Facebook) Are you shitting me

James Hawkins (Facebook) Bad coaching here

Ken Hess (Facebook) Ugh. Good game guys. Good game

Todd Larson (Facebook) This game is ALL on the shitty play calling in the OT period! The whole team played well. Yes, Rothe missed the kick but it should have never come to that. It’s pretty bad when my 14 year old daughter asks me why they run the same running play and don’t try something different. This one hurts more than any Cowboy loss I can remember..I love Bohl’s philosophy but the offense needs to not be so damn predictable! Damn...had that one in the bag!

Randy Luck (Facebook) What’s wrong with Cooper this year? The Flea Flicker put us behind the chains too much. I like being aggressive but didn’t like that call. We were doing well with the QB run or RPO to the TE

John Kelley (Facebook) Get rid of Vigen, what a joke

James McNees (Facebook) Tyler Vander Waal played outstanding but good old Bohl wouldnt let him win us the game save a silly flea flicker.

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