LARAMIE -- Tom Burman wants you to know he hears you, he understands your frustration and is looking for solutions when it comes to the NCAA Transfer Portal and more particularly the Cowboy basketball team.

Wyoming's athletics director, who is entering Year 17 in Laramie, appeared on the Roaring Repeater Podcast Wednesday with Cody Tucker and Jared Newland.

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We talked about some fun stuff, like Burman being a manager on that Sweet 16 team that featured Fennis Dembo, Eric Leckner, Sean Dent and others. But mainly we touched on all the subjects you care about, like, what is going on with Jeff Linder's program?

"I know there's a lot of angst about Cowboy basketball and it was a very, very difficult year," Burman said. "The year and the pressure that these kids and this coaching staff faced are hard for the fans to grasp. That played a big role in why this thing unraveled. I mean, we had extremely high expectations and coach Linder embraced them right from the beginning. Then it all started to unravel.

"He takes responsibility for it. He's not passing the buck. He's not blaming it all on any one issue. But that stress and added pressure these kids faced added to a little bit -- not a little bit -- I think quite a bit of what happened."

We also chatted about Craig Bohl's offense and if he had had contract talks with the 10-year vet.

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