TUCSON, Ariz. — The mild 64-degree weather welcomed thousands of Wyoming fans to the Arizona Bowl Dec. 31 in Tucson. The day may have been cool, but it couldn't contain the heat of Wyoming fans in this special bowl edition of rants and raves.

Hearts fell when the Panthers trucked down the field for a touchdown in the first drive of the game, then shot back up when the Pokes scored two touchdowns in as many minutes to take the lead.

With all the ups and downs — although mostly ups — that followed, it's not difficult to guess what was happening on social media.



Kelly Souther (Facebook) Rant, stuck in Rock Springs and the wind is blowing. Want some Arizona weather.

Tom Cudney (Facebook) I actually have a feeling we won’t need to rant much with Levi taking the helm!! I have a really good feeling about this kid!

Thor Stephenson Jr. (Facebook) Should have took the ball first haha

Jeremy Burks (Facebook)Welp that first drive went over like a fart in church

Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) Cooper!!!

Marci Mahoney (Facebook) Will the announcers please shut up about the torn acl the Georgia QB doesn’t have.

JT Tolman (Facebook) That was a designed handoff. Trash call!

Kelly Souther (Facebook) Halliburton, hell yeah!!!!!!

Cody San Miguel (Facebook) Levi Williams for president!!



Michael Fox (Facebook) Damn. Levi has done that at least 3 times today. Didn’t get away with it this time.

Steve Salter (Facebook) Our Defense needs to bail him out now.

Marci Mahoney (Facebook) Drink every time they mention a torn ACL...

Darren Thompson (Facebook) C'mon. Pokes, score. Second pint of Sierra Nevada and my bladder ain't what it used to be....

Lois Hall Kirkwood (Facebook) Wow,,,,,,, really ran into kicker

Steve Salter (Facebook) Georgia State was set to stop the run as that was the game plan. Have a QB that can throw. Sweet!!!!!




Brieanna Franze (Facebook) Here we go Pokes! Keep this momentum going! I love seeing all that Brown and Gold in the stands!

Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) Cowboy tough in the first half! Powder River let ‘er buck!!!

Guy Hale (Facebook)Man it's crazy we've had more passing than rushing yards!

Scott Gallinger (Facebook) Dang,, what a pro style catch!

Steve Salter (Facebook) Love the play out of the backfield to X. First play we did with Nevada

Scott Dorris (Facebook) Dang...just tackle him next time

Darren Thompson (Facebook) Bullshit: we stripped it. Fumble.

Robert Mills (Facebook) this ref seems really unsure about everything

Darren Thompson (Facebook) Nice waltz into the endzone

Mark England (Facebook) Who was the one that laughed a couple weeks ago when I said we’d score 34?



Marci Mahoney (Facebook) “It’s a great day to be a Cowboy in Tucson!”

Lois Hall Kirkwood (Facebook) Am enjoying our crowd yelling over announcers!!!!!! Go Pokes:)

Dewayne Mundell (Facebook) Come on pokes hold onto the ball

Bill Simco (Facebook) Hand it on a silver platter

Shirley Goltz Beckett (Facebook) These guys are playing an amazing game!

Gary Waxler (Facebook) 3:31 left in this stinking game and CBS is still touting this QB and his knee. WHATEVER.

Marlene Borchert (Facebook) Guys you make me PROUD!!!

And the last one says it all...

Marci Mahoney (Facebook) The score oh the score!! GO POKES!

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