LARAMIE -- Craig Bohl is old school.

Wyoming's football coach often reiterates that the team's colors are brown and gold -- and that's it. As far as last names on the back of jerseys, Bohl will tell you the name on the front is far more important.

Things are a tad different in that regard when it comes to Jeff Linder's program.

Cowboy basketball debuted three new uniforms prior to the season. They feature plenty of Bohl's favorite colors, too. Sunday, they threw a wrench in the whole thing, showing off a new state-pride combo they refer to as "One Wyoming" on the school's social media pages.

Goodbye Steamboat, hello white buffalo.

These flashy new threads will be worn for the upcoming two-game Border War series against Colorado State, beginning Thursday night at 7 p.m. MST.

Linder said the program isn't getting "ultra tricky" when it comes to uniforms. Like Bohl, Linder knows what UW's colors really are.

"I think in a game like this, to attach the opportunity to break out a different set of uniforms, I think -- especially this time of year and what we are going through -- just to add a little bit more of excitement to it. I think it's a good thing."

The million-dollar question is: Does it help in recruiting?

"Players love gear," Linder smiled. "You know, look at Oregon. I mean, they've made it famous. It's just part of it."

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