LARAMIE -- The news most feared came to fruition Friday afternoon -- Graham Ike will not play this season.

The Mountain West's preseason Player of the Year suffered a right foot injury in the offseason and Wyoming head coach Jeff Linder announced in early November the Colorado product would miss "6-to-8 weeks."

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That deadline came and went.

Now, 21 games into the season, we know Ike will not return to the hardwood but instead take a medical redshirt.

Ike released this statement Friday afternoon on Twitter:

The speculation has now begun. In that penned letter above, Ike says, "I look forward to coming back to the game stronger than ever."

The game or the Wyoming basketball team?

Linder's quote did little to squash speculations.

“Graham will come back from this even better than he was before,” Linder said in a statement. “He has a bright future ahead of him and his long-term health is our top priority. As much as he wanted to be on the floor playing this season, he made the best decision for his future, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. 

Here's what the fans had to say on social media after hearing the news:

Facebook: Dave Corpuz Fer godsakes, can we get through one post about a player without someone suggesting it's about the transfer portal. Honestly...player redshirted...he's bound for the transfer portal! Player signed... he's going to leave in the transfer portal! Player sits out...Headed for the transfer portal! Lost a sock...must have fallen in the transfer portal! Believe it or not, not everyone is plotting to jump away.

Facebook: Randy Williams Can you say transfer portal

Facebook: Landon Brown Sad but literally the best decision based on where we stand as a team and for him as an individual.

Facebook: Jeron Roberts Wasn’t that a no brainer? Why would he return for such a short season under the current conditions.. you have the full season next year instead of a small part and it’s not like they fighting for first place!

Facebook: Wayne Horton Come back when you're ready!

Facebook: Joe Herold Reading between the lines here, but it doesn't seem like he'll play another game in Brown and Gold.

Facebook: Ron Weltmer I wish him luck on his impending transfer. Some lower level power 5 is gonna get a good one!

Facebook: Mark Ragsdale I truly believe he is a character guy and will be back next year unless moving on from college basketball all together.

Facebook: Kristin McLean Can’t blame him one bit! Hope to see you back next year Ike!

Facebook: Christian Lasher Sucks, but smart

Facebook: Chuck Giesenhagen Now everyone can move on, selfishly I would have loved to watch him play this year, but if everyone gets/stays healthy we still have a helluva basketball team and can still make a lot of noise. Finally, I believe Ike will be wearing Brown and Gold next year! GO POKES!!!

Facebook: Kyle Wright It's the right call this late in the season

Facebook: Richard Oien When reading his announcement why do I get the feeling he won’t be back as a Wyoming Cowboy? Why do I get that feeling? Someone get my mind right

Facebook: Bret Bartos Certainly wish him the best...and certainly hope he doesn't get whisked away through the transfer portal ..
Facebook: Jason Ferguson There’s the least surprising news I’ve heard all day.

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